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Title: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on December 28, 2020, 18:01
NOTE: Due to early season cancellations of races, I've extended the deadline for team submissions from January 21st to January 28th. Please see bolded edits below for details

Hi all, and welcome to the 2021 CQ Ranking Manager Game! This is the eleventh edition of the game, wow! Please see below for some history, basics, and more specific rules related to dates, dopers, etc. 2020 was anything but a normal year, but mostly the "normal" rules will apply to the 2021 game, although note the later start to the season means a later deadline for team submissions.


The game was launched on December 8th 2010 ( by cyclingnews forum poster Hugo Koblet. His idea was to have a game where you build a cycling team from the website and its comprehensive numerical rankings of riders. What was originally meant to be a 25-team max competition that Hugo reserved the right to cancel if there was lack of interest became the most successful game in cyclingnews forum history, and has expanded to velorooms forums as well.

Hugo successfully ran the game for 3 years, and it bred various offshoots, such as a youth game, seasonal games (classics and GTs), emerging riders and riders in decline games. I took over organizing the main game for 2014 when Hugo got too busy, and have done so for the past seven years. See the second post in this thread for a roll of honour of yearly champions.

That is it for preamble. Let’s go through the more comprehensive set of rules:


The game is based on the point system developed by the website Based on this system you will have to select a team of between 25 and 33 riders whose combined value doesn’t exceed 7500 points. 7500 points is normally under the mean for the ProTour teams, but due to reasons we are all painfully aware of, the mean for 2020 is 5528. 7500 is closest to the amount of points Team Ineos made this season, the 4th ranked of the 19 WT teams. So you can get a pretty good team with 7500 points!

Your aim then is to select a team of riders who will increase their 2020 score the most during the 2021 season. The winner of the game is the one who has selected the team with the highest combined value when the game ends.

1. How the game works

1.1. Start & Finish

The season starts when the first major race (.1 or higher) giving CQ points is held* and ends when the last major race is held. The winner will be crowned when the next update after the last major race is out.**

*normally, the game season starts when the first race giving out points is held, which is usually the Aussie nationals soon after the new year. However, with covid-scheduling pushing those back to early February, the first race as far as the game is concerned is the Vuelta San Juan starting January 24th. There are currently a few 2.2 races scheduled before then, but any points scored by riders in those races will be reflected in the first update.

*NOTE: with the cancellation of San Juan and the Mallorca races, the first scheduled race .1 or higher is GP Marseillaise on Jan 31st.

**An extension will be granted to the end of season if it is very close at the top. If any teams are within 100 points of the leader after the last major race, the season will be automatically extended until the final race of the year unless all teams within 100 points explicitly concede. As well, anyone in the top 10 can extend the season by PMing me a request to do so before the last major race starts.

(The reason for this second rule is that although minor races go through December, it is rare to have a rider in the game participate in these races, so it is sensible to end the season when people are still generally watching cycling. But if it's a very close race, it's important to crown the person who picked the best team for the year.)

1.2 Updates

Each week we will publish an update with a top 10 and a list of the high scorers and high jumpers. This will sometimes be by me, and sometimes by others – I will be setting a tentative schedule based on volunteers.

2. On doping

2.1. On ex-dopers

All riders are available to choose, except for riders who are provisionally suspended by the UCI (as of their most recent list).

Riders who have been suspended for doping and had that affect their 2020 score will not be available simply for their 2020 score. Instead, a rider’s value will be equivalent to that of his last full season; or, if he has more recently had a (not full, due to suspension) season in which he has earned more points, that season represents his value. Riders who have been suspended by the UCI (ie. Not merely provisionally suspended) are on this list.

Therefore, you can pick any rider you like, but if you want to take Kristian Koren, for example (his suspension ends in 2021), he got 41 points in 2019, but that is a partial season as his ban ended mid-season. His positive result and suspension came from 2019, meaning his last 'full' season was 2018, in which he scored 91 points. He scored fewer points in his 'partial' 2019 season, so his cost is his last 'full' season. But if he had scored, say, 300 points in 2019, that would be his cost instead.

Hopefully the lists I've provided and the rules are clear enough, but if you make an error I will try to let you know if any of your submissions fall into this category.

2.2. Riders getting caught during the season

If you include a rider in your team who gets caught with his hands in the cookie jar, nothing happens right away. Your rider keeps his points unless the deletes his results before the end of the game.

Basically, the value of a rider on always stands.

3. Submitting your team

3.1. How do I?

You pick between 25 and 33 riders whose combined value doesn’t exceed 7500 points and send the list to me.

As I will manually have to include the teams into the Microsoft Excel file which keeps track of the scores, please be careful that you send your team to me based on the correct formula. I don’t take any responsibility for any error you might make. If I spot an error I will do my best to contact you but I can’t guarantee anything. Of course, if you have any questions feel free to ask either here in this thread or by sending a personal message.

The layout you need to use is this:




Nothing else. No point scores after the name. Also, be careful that there is no “space” after the name, because I will have to delete it manually, but can't always detect these things in time for the game. If there is an error that isn't discovered until after the game starts, and that error makes your team ineligible (eg. if it puts your team over the limit) the rider will simply be deleted from the team without replacement.

To make things easier for both you and me I will link to a file for you to download in which you can type in your team and it will automatically show you the value of each rider as well as the aggregated value of your team. Then you will just have to copy your team (names only) directly from this file and send it to me.

Hopefully this clears any misunderstandings of a rider’s value as well as reduces the number of errors made in a team sent to me.

3.2. When do I?

The first race of the season will start January 24, so I want to have your team in hand on January 22 at the latest.

NOTE: the first race of the season is now January 31st, so I want teams by January 29th. That is one week later than the original post.

There are two deadlines: a submission deadline and a revision/publication deadline, spaced 24 hours apart. This is to address the issue brought up in recent years about whether it is 'fair' to allow changes after teams have seen the teams of other players, and for 'late' submissions. I would like to make this a game that is accessible to as many people as possible, yet preserve that element of fairness. So, the submission deadline will be when I want to have received all the teams. The revision and publication deadline is to allow a 24-hour period for me to look over the teams and allow a chance to people to change their team in case of error, before having access to a list of riders that other teams picked. If you get mixed up with the time zone or unexpectedly don't have internet access around the submission deadline, I will accept teams up to the revision deadline at my discretion, but if allowed those teams will not have the chance to revise in case of error.

The submission deadline is 23:59 (CET) January 21st, so early January 22nd for Aussies and sometime earlier on January 21st for North Americans[/s]. NOTE: the submission deadline has changed to 23:59 CET January 28thThe revision and publication deadline is 24 hours later; I would ask that people refrain from posting the riders on their team until after that, so midnight CET on the start of January 24th.

Please note that even though the racing season is over,  it is always possible that CQ will adjust points for an earlier season race for whatever reason (eg. readjusting points for suspended dopers) Be mindful of these changes. usually uploads the final update of the season on December 31, and the values in this update are the ones we’re using. However, the changes are usually very small so there’s no reason why you can’t start selecting your team already today!

Disclaimer: ensuring your team is full of eligible riders and is on budget is your responsibility. If I notice you are over budget or have an ineligible rider I will send you a message, but if you don't get back to me in time, or I don't catch it before the deadline, I will simply remove one rider to make your budget work. Obviously it is to your advantage to be able to choose all your riders, so please be diligent.

Create Your Team

Hugo created a very helpful file in 2012, referred to above, that helps avoid any errors in calculation and helps ensure you are formatting your rider names correctly. I would encourage everyone to use this option, especially if you are not confident in your spreadsheet creating skills. Please use the file attached here ( to create your team, then copy and paste the rider names to send to me by PM once you have it correct. Thank you.

note: the 'create your team' file has not yet been manually updated to include different scores for dopers as per rule 2.1, so it is currently wholly your responsibility to account for this.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on December 28, 2020, 18:02
I'm going to reserve the second post in the thread for a list of teams who have submitted, as they come in, as well as list an honour roll of top finishers throughout the years.

I'm going to reserve the second post in the thread for a list of teams who have submitted, as they come in, as well as list an honour roll of top finishers throughout the years.

As of 8pm CET on January 26th, the following 47 teams have been submitted and confirmed (teams with asterisks next to their name need revisions before final approval):

1   Jon_Ezeitza
2   comodoro
3   Martin
4   Koronin
5   Bonimenier
6   R_O_Shipman
7   Lortnoc
8   armchairclimber
9   vladimir
10   NorthAmericanScum
11   Hakkie2
12   just some guy
13   scrooll07
14   sneekes
15   Leadbelly
16   zaka_fan
17   search
18   Armchair Cyclist
19   bminchow
20   Kazistuta
21   EvansIsTheBest
22   Eric10
23   triley36
24   Fivezzz
25   will10
26   rote_laterne
27   Hugo Koblet
28   Earns1985
29   Mellow Velo
30   VeloRooms
31   Amis Velo
32   ray10
33   Rebecops
34   Nevs**
35   Bicing
36   Salvarani
37   Blues in the bottle
38   Nicosix**
39   Nakazar
40   Total Package**
41   Jpettersen
43   PremierAndrew
44   Tigerion
45   Otoxiep87**
46   Muddy Waters**
47   tom-jelte

Also, here is the role of honour from previous years:

2011 – 87 participants

ingsve – 13897 points
Waterloo Sunrise – 13450
mc_mountain – 12670
2012 – 129 participants

skidmark – 19345 points
Kvinto – 18087
Nyssinator – 17761
2013 – 132 participants

SteelyDan – 13094 points
Geraint Too Fast – 13074
will10 – 12986
2014 – 150 participants

Pentacycle – 14367 points
Cykeltyven – 13693
Ruudz0r - 13609
2015 – 155 participants

Cykeltyven – 16209 points
skidmark - 15616
snccdcno - 15412
2016 – 144 participants

skidmark – 15392 points
jeroenk - 14707
abbulf – 14448
2017 – 131 participants

fauniera – 15867 points
the asian - 15698
GP Blanco - 15217
2018 – 129 participants

ruvu75 – 16513 points
Squire - 16099
trackstand - 15832
2019 - 114 participants

               1. fauniera - 14579 points

               2. karaev - 14399

               3. Hakkie2 - 14260

2020 - 113 participants

               1. bminchow - 10010 points

               2. Wallenquist - 9520

               3. Object- 9173
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on December 28, 2020, 18:13
A couple of quick things:

- first, if you saw this posted on CN last week and were wondering why it wasn't here yet, sorry about that. I had login issues when I posted last week and then got too caught up in family holiday things. The start of the season is still a ways away so it is still up with more time than usual.

- a couple of people asked about Groenewegen in the CN thread. Although his suspension isn't for doping, I've decided that being suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct as severe as his is in the same spirit as that rule, so he will cost his 2019 cost, for both this and the next edition of the game.

- I noted above that I won't be processing any teams until after the new year, so although you can feel free to submit if you have a team, don't worry if you don't hear back from me right away.

I'm excited velorooms is back up and running! Always love the vibe here.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on December 31, 2020, 02:18
Hey, just a heads up - I am taking the next several days to take a vacation at the cabin, I will be without  internet until January 5th. I will start processing teams soon after that - I see I have a couple of submissions already, I haven't gotten back to you but I will after the 5th! There will still be over two weeks until deadline after I get back, so I will be more present after that. Hope everyone has a good new years, see you in 2021.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on January 06, 2021, 17:11
That's my team in. :cool

Despite telling myself that I would stick to just WT and PCT in these uncertain times, I've somehow got 4 CT riders in my team, but what the hell eh.

Still I've ended up with over 20 WT riders, so that's a definite shift to previous years.

Just looking down at the team another thing strikes me.....not many GC riders. In fact I'd be surprised (pleasantly) if I got one GT GC top-ten. We'll see how that pans out.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on January 18, 2021, 23:33
NOTE: I've extended the deadline for team submissions for one week due to the cancellation of early season races. See edited opening post for more detailed/specific info
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on January 26, 2021, 19:11
Alright, I'm getting in the CQ spirit again! 2 days and 4 hours until the submission deadline, then one more day until the publication/revision deadline. I'll be back to post a few countdown/update posts, and will be trying to respond to submissions as quickly as I can. I have almost 50 teams so far, so hopefully they keep flowing the next few days.

Just a note - I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but since I have received 4 submissions with his name, here it is in bold:

**NOTE: I have made a specific rule to deal with the unique case of Dylan Groenewegen, who is facing a long suspension for a non-doping offense. Briefly, he is to be treated the same as dopers, available for his 2019 cost for both the 2021 and 2022 editions of the game.

That means he costs 1207 points, not 116.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on January 27, 2021, 11:29
I hope Skidmark won't mind a slight hi-jacking of the thread, but all those promising young riders that you unearth in trying to come up with a team for this game needn't go to waste if they don't make your final cut: they might be the backbone of a team for the ​Emerging Riders CQ game​​​ (, and if you do fail to make the deadline here, you have three extra days there.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on January 29, 2021, 15:02
8 hours until reveal time... how's everybody doing? This thread had been very quiet! I'm getting excited for the season, hopeful that the early season cancellations are a short-term trend and that we'll be seeing lots of racing come March, and then a full season of following the ups and downs of the CQ game.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on January 29, 2021, 16:43
Well I'm not staying up till midnight for the big reveal, but it will be fun to see the other teams in the morning.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on January 29, 2021, 19:33
Well I'm not staying up till midnight for the big reveal, but it will be fun to see the other teams in the morning.

Me too plus my team which I have forgotten :lol
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: rote_laterne on January 30, 2021, 00:16
These guys will get me a solid midpack placing:

EWAN Caleb
URAN URAN Rigoberto
JANSEN Amund Grøndahl
EIKING Odd Christian
ALEOTTI Giovanni
WANDAHL Frederik
DE PLUS Laurens
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on January 30, 2021, 01:33
Okay, here's a bare bones version of the spreadsheet ( if you wanna take it for a test run and peruse it. Note that aside from the Rankings tab and the individual team pages it links to (as well as the popularity tabs), the rest of it is a bit of a ghost town... I keep a sheet for the start of the season with prior contestants so I don't have to make new tabs, so there are way more tabs than participants, I've only edited down the Rankings page links to who's in this year so far. All other stuff will be edited in the next week (before week 2 update when the weekly leaders etc start to matter). But have a look!
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on January 30, 2021, 09:50
Rote nice team quiet a few in common with me
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on January 30, 2021, 10:00
Team JSG
EWAN Caleb
GILBERT Philippe
BOL Cees
POWER Robert
MÄRKL Niklas
UMBA LOPEZ Abner Santiago

Big #ag2r influence  :-x
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: rote_laterne on January 30, 2021, 10:17
Big #ag2r influence  :-x

Yeah, that's what worries me a bit too.

Also guys what didn't fit into my team I might regret: Teunissen and Bol who might be better picks than Paret-Peintre and Valgren but I like the latter two just better. That's also why I did not have to change my team after the Dumoulin news.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: search on January 30, 2021, 14:48
my team for 2021:

ALAPHILIPPE Julian      1247      27
EVENEPOEL Remco      918      39
SAGAN Peter      767      55
MATTHEWS Michael      639      23
BERNAL GOMEZ Egan Arley      450      83
LUTSENKO Alexey      397      31
TEUNS Dylan      385      18
BALLERINI Davide      353      5
NAESEN Oliver      344      42
GARCIA CORTINA Ivan      251      17
GILBERT Philippe      208      18
VALGREN HUNDAHL (ANDERSEN)       200      18
TEUNISSEN Mike      172      34
BUCHMANN Emanuel      157      79
BISSEGGER Stefan      145      19
JUNGELS Bob      136      61
ARU Fabio      124      14
POLITT Nils      89      65
VANMARCKE Sep      70      62
SARREAU Marc      70      43
DEKKER David      70      10
MOSCON Gianni      69      39
KRUIJSWIJK Steven      57      72
PIDCOCK Thomas      57      76
LATOUR Pierre      49      61
JANSEN Amund Grøndahl      35      33
GALLOPIN Tony      33      23
DE PLUS Laurens      5      56
BRENNER Marco      0      31
HAVIK Piotr      0      5
HERMANS Quinten      0      11
REYNDERS Jens      0      2
ZWIEHOFF Ben      0      5

mainly fairly obvious choices this time - although there would have been another 100 of those of course, there was no room for in the end ;).

Bissegger is a bit of a risky one with his focus on the Olympics, but I hope he'll still get enough opportunities to show what he is capable of. Also no idea what Zwiehoff can do, but Bora said his numbers are extraordinary, so it was worth the gamble - although I was a bit sad having to leave out the Appo-Jet ;).

Ballerini has a lot of potential I think, so happy to see him being so rare. Geraint Thomas is probably the rider I am the most worried about not having on in my team.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on January 30, 2021, 17:55
No Haussler JSG? Yeah I agree with you that he's probably not a good pick. :P

Also no idea what Zwiehoff can do, but Bora said his numbers are extraordinary, so it was worth the gamble

I noticed he did well on some zwift-esque climbing competition at the end of the year. Beating Roglic and a couple of riders in H2Hs and only just losing to Almeida in the final. He was on my team for a while, but got the heave-ho to make way for some ICA devo riders.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on January 30, 2021, 18:09
You mean world Cx champion Haussler LB :D

Except for Power and Hamilton not  very JSG team which is weird.

At 1 stage I had GVA in there and was like 50% current or leaving 1 team is even weird for me, had to stop :lol
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: search on January 30, 2021, 18:10
I noticed he did well on some zwift-esque climbing competition at the end of the year. Beating Roglic and a couple of riders in H2Hs and only just losing to Almeida in the final. He was on my team for a while, but got the heave-ho to make way for some ICA devo riders.

okay, I didn't follow any of that, but if Bora comes to Sibiu again (although not too likely, apparently) I may have someone to cheer for at least ;)
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on January 30, 2021, 18:27
I-SUN Represent

WOODS Michael
VANMARCKE Sep - Don't usually like one trick cobble ponies, but he's dirt cheap
FROOME Chris - I really can't see him getting anywhere back to what he was, but it will be fun watching the hullabaloo
RENARD Alexis* - Starting to show some glimpses of talent

ICA Represent (My 4 CT riders. Hopefully they'll be able to wangle a decent calendar)

BEN MOSHE Yuval* - Fairly certain his national service is done, so able to concentrate fully on cycling now. A second Israeli winner this year?

Big Picks

SAGAN Peter - On the decline, but add back in the Classics that he missed due to the Giro, and a favourable Worlds course and he should ratchet up the points again.
PEDERSEN Mads - Was pretty rubbish early in the '20 season, but a different rider after the lockdown. Interested to see how his sprinting progresses.
TEUNS Dylan - A jack of all trades is my ideal kind of CQ pick.

SSFR Dominators (Tactical picks for once!)

LAPORTE Christophe
PAJUR Markus*
LAWLESS Christopher

Young Guns

HAILU Biniam Girmay - The Delko situation is worrying as his agent is Hunter
VERMEERSCH Florian - Similar to Pedersen. Classics man and a sprint
NOVIKOV Savva* - I like what Kern are doing over in Spain, so I had to have some of their riders to follow.
REPA Vojtech


MÜHLBERGER Gregor* - We'll have to see how much freedom he gets. Movistar's team classement focus might mean he picks up some GC points even when domming.
AVILA VANEGAS Edwin Alcibiades* - Should be the top scorer for Burgos this year. Don't get too excited as that feat would only have required 93 points last year.

I've asterisked the uniques.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: rote_laterne on January 30, 2021, 21:28

Big Picks

SSFR Dominators (Tactical picks for once!)

Young Guns

I especially like these picks. I think they are really exciting and I strongly considered myself. Cosnefroy was one of the first riders in my team but he didn't make the cut in the end.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on January 31, 2021, 15:43
rote laterne!!!!! Unique pick Paret-Peintre! Congrats on the early season win. By my quick count nobody has Boudat and Coquard both, and literally nobody had 4th and 5th place, so there's a good chance 1st will be yours.

edit: you've got Wellens in 6th too so that's a good chance for sure!
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on January 31, 2021, 15:56
56 points for me so far, so team JSG doing ok

Nice work Rote
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: rote_laterne on January 31, 2021, 21:39
Thanks. This one was quite surprising but I started well a couple of times and in the end I found myself in the beaten field.  ;)
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on February 01, 2021, 20:59
Update #1: Rote Learning

The season is underway! Points have been scored. Although it's not the traditional season start with the Aussie nationals followed by a fallow week (or sometimes Tropicale Amissa Bongo) then the TDU, I think for most of us we are glad to have racing. The postponement of the Mallorca races and cancellation of San Juan pushed back the start to the CQ game by yet another week, but in the end it's not that much different in terms of the first week point opportunities. Aussie nats are 100 points for the win, Marseillaise was 80, and of course there are further points usually from the Aussie TTs and NZ champs, the points already scored in January from NZ as well as Tachira are included in this update.

With so few points on offer and a few popular riders on the startlist in Marseille, there was the chance for a logjam at the top. But in the end, I don't think anyone expected Aurelien Paret-Peintre to take the win. Well, with maybe one exception.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points
1   rote_laterne   120
2   Hugo Koblet   100
3   yoyokt   96
4   Boris98   77
5   Crevaison   76
5   LaFlorecita   76
7   Jon_Ezeitza   72
7   postmanhat   72
9   just_some_guy   68
10   manafana   64
10   Object   64

Normally I only list the top 5 in the weekly updates, but since it's week 1 there's no High Movers list (as everyone started out tied for first, no one moved up) so I have some room. Plus it's the first update of the season so maybe people wanna luxuriate in expanded standings.

At any rate, long-time game participant rote_laterne gets off to a great start, seeing their team's unique pick take 80 points for the win in France. That alone would have been good enough for a top 3 this week, but rote also had Wellens (28 points) and Eiking (12 points) to leave no doubt. Game founder Hugo Koblet breaks triple digits to land in second, as one of five teams with second place Thomas Boudat (48 points), as well as 28 from Wellens and 24 from Trentin. yoyokt rounds it out just behind with 96 points from five riders (Coquard, Trentin, Calmejane, Benjamin Thomas and Boasson Hagen).

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   rote_laterne   45
2   Hugo Koblet   35
3   yoyokt   30
4   Boris98   26
5   Crevaison   21
5   LaFlorecita   21

For those new to the game (or if you need a reminder), this sub-competition keeps track of who has the highest average finish every week. The points are based off of TdF Green Jersey flat stage points (from the mid-2010s; I like that layout better than the reformed ones the last handful of years). So it goes 45-35-30-26-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 for the top 15 each week, accumulating points all season. In case of a tie in points for the week, I average the scores, which is why Crevaison and LaFlorecita each get 21 points for the spots that would give 22 and 20 if they weren't tied. Anyway, this week obviously the top 5 of this competition reflect the top 5 of the one week we've had so far. Those standings will jumble as the season goes on.

Top 10 Overall

Well, I guess that's also above! Okay, my work here is done. Sixty eight of our 93 teams got points this week, but they will get more chances this week with the suddenly stacked field at the Etoile de Besseges, as well as the rescheduled Australian National Championships.

Spreadsheet at dropbox (
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on February 01, 2021, 21:11
Good to see my maths is as good as my CQ picks
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on February 03, 2021, 11:52
Oz Nats ITT was good
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on February 07, 2021, 16:38
Not too bad a week I think
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on February 09, 2021, 05:17
Update #2: Etoile de Besseges sees a three-star constellation atop the standings

Racing is underway, whee! It's not the multi-country, overlapping-stage-race gallop of the regular early season, but it has provided us with the unique experience of having normally overlooked races chock full of top-level talent and a sharpened focus for cycling fans. This week, there was the Etoile de Besseges 2.1 stage race in France, as well as the normal season-opener of the Aussie National Championships (although the top scoring riders there were not among the more popular picks).

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Hugo Koblet   334
1   Boris98   334
1   Hakkie2   334
4   Gigs_98   317
5   Armchair cyclist   314

Interestingly, after a single day's racing last week produced a single winner at the top with a unique pick winning Marseillaise, this week's 5 days of racing produces a 3-way tie at the top, with 3 teams having the exact same combo of 6 scoring riders! And not even all of them are super popular picks. Great minds think alike, it seems. Of course the belle of the ball this week was winner Tim Wellens (145 points, 18 teams), who was a must have. But the whole podium also had Nils Politt (66 points, 65 teams), Christophe Laporte (51 points, 32 teams), Greg Van Avermaet (46 points, 33 teams), Timothy Dupont (20 points, 13 teams) and Pierre Latour (6 points, 61 teams). And no other riders scoring for any of these three.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   LosBrolin   (+42)
2   Devils_Elbow   (+38)
3   Salvarani   (+34)
4   Otoxiep87   (+33)
5   FASTnotFURIOUS   (+31)

Well, that's a different listing! Of course things are quite movable in the first few weeks, and LosBrolin was in the right spot after last week to be able to move up nearly half the table. No Wellens for their team, but GvA and Politt make an appearance, buffered by a solid start from Jake Stewart (56, 5 teams) and 27 from Lucas Hamilton 16 teams. Devils Elbow (same combo less Hamilton plus Latour) and Salvarani (same as Devils Elbow with Laporte in place of Stewart) round out the podium.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   71.67
2   Boris98   62.67
3   rote_laterne   47
4   LaFlorecita   41
5   Hakkie2   36.67

Some repeat scorers this week! As well as some messy looking scores due to the tie at the top. As per the rules, the top 3 teams split the top 3 points (45-35-30) 3 ways, leading to some non-integer values. The top 3 teams overall scored last week and are now over a single week's max points for the game. Hugo Koblet is in the lead by 9.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+1)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+2)   Boris98   411
3   (+2)   LaFlorecita   388
4   (+11)   Gigs_98   369
5   (+22)   Hakkie2   367
6   (-5)   rote_laterne   362
7   (-)   postmanhat   360
8   (+2)   manafana   348
9   (+30)   Armchair cyclist   342
10   (+5)   Northerner   340

Speaking of our dear founder... he's on top! Hugo Koblet gets the winner's wreath and has to go through the post-race doping controls and press conferences in order to have his moment in the sun on the podium, in first with 434 points. Boris98 is having a strong debut in 2nd overall, and longtime youth game manager LaFlo rounds out the top 3! Congrats you guys. Almost 5.8% of last year's rider cost scored already.

This week is another little nibble on an appetizer for the season to come, with another 2.1 race in France, the Tour de Provence. As of this writing, the Classica Almeira is slated to go ahead on Sunday, the last Spanish race standing on the early-season calendar. But with no new news of freshly cancelled races, fingers crossed that things stabilize and this is the rockiest period of the season.

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Flo on February 10, 2021, 17:39
3rd overall let's stop the competition right here :D
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on February 16, 2021, 03:35
Update #3: Hugo Boss

We have been building up in our limited French calendar so far, going from a 1.1 the first week of the game to a 2.1 and nationals the second week, to a 2.PS and 1.PS this week. And indeed, with Provence and Almeria taking place this week, we see our biggest points week in the game so far!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Jon_Ezeitza   586
2   Hugo Koblet   561
3   Crevaison   559
4   Northerner   547
5   karaev   536

Having the podium of the stage race of the week is a fine basis for winning the week; indeed, Jon Ezeitza takes it with Sosa (183 points, 42 teams), Alaphilippe (120, 27), and Bernal (107, pretty much everyone) forming a good start. Add in 62 from Mollema and 50 from Vansevenant (at a cost of 15!) and you've got a winner! A few minor points from Almeria put it over the top. Hugo Koblet gets second this week, but won't be crying too much as he was already in first overall coming in. Crevaison gets third - both of the other podium finishers didn't have Mollema but did have 52 from Dupont in Almeria, and had a little bit less than Jon Ezeitza from the minor points.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   karaev   (+56)
2   ChrisDK   (+53)
3   bminchow   (+48)
4   Earns1985   (+46)
5   MuddyWaters   (+42)

Some huge leaps this week as the table isn't yet settled so there is room to move! karaev takes top spot this week, with ChrisDK and defending champ bminchow right behind. All 3 teams also have the Provence podium, without a key rider or two of the three top scorers from the previous list, but all the top scoring teams this week are very similar.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   106.67
2   Boris98   62.67
3   Jon_Ezeitza   62
4   LaFlorecita   55
5   Crevaison   51

Wow, three weeks in and you can barely get in the top 10 with the 45 points you'd get for a weekly win! There are a few teams that are faring quite well in the French races at the start of the season and scoring week upon week. Hugo's 35 points puts their team ahead with a huge lead, almost no one else is even within 45 points. Boris98 and Jon Ezeitza are buzzing around the top here too.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+1)   LaFlorecita   891
3   (+7)   Northerner   887
4   (+8)   Object   840
5   (-)   Hakkie2   817
6   (-)   rote_laterne   804
7   (+14)   Crevaison   778
8   (-)   manafana   767
9   (+34)   Jon_Ezeitza   740
10   (-8)   Boris98   707

Some long-time game participants near the top of the list here, and at the top of the list once again is Hugo Koblet, coming oh so close to cracking 1000 points. Second on the week extends his lead to over 100 points, while LaFlorecita moves up one spot and Northerner rounds out the podium. Some big leaps into the top 10 from Object, Crevaison, and especially Jon Ezeitza, while Gigs_98, Armchair Cyclist and postmanhat fall out.

Normally, this upcoming week would be a flurry of early season activity, continuing the ramp-up to Opening Weekend with Algarve, Andalucia, and the oft-overlooked snack of Haut Var in France, three days long and .1 level. But now, with the former two postponed, Haut Var gets its outsized time in the sun! Since the season has actually started, things seem to have stabilized a bit, in terms of covid numbers holding or declining, and no whispers of any new races being postponed or cancelled. So... fingers crossed, but after this week, we get our first WT action with the UAE Tour (with even some CQ points this week), and that will take us all the way to Belgium!

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Post by: skidmark on February 23, 2021, 05:13
Update #4: So Var So Good

It was (hopefully!) the quietest week we'll have in quite awhile here at the CQ game, with the 3-day 2.1 Tour du Var taking centre stage, plus a stage of UAE Tour that happened before the update as well. So after the excitement and scramble to get on the starting lists on the early season races, we can take a breath and assess the first part of our respective teams' seasons before the top-level races start happening fast and furious, starting with this weekend. The start of the season was rocky with the covid changes, but we've tentatively made it through the races that survived the first round of cancellations.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Devils_Elbow   220
2   adamski101   199
3   trackstand   196
4   Nicosix   182
5   EvansIsTheBest   180

Only one team breaking 200 points this week, and it's Devils Elbow! Congratulations. As nobody had Brambilla and only 3 teams had Rusty Woods, Devils Elbow's team is driven by 102 points from Bauke Mollema (33 teams) for third place (+ stage placings), and 48 from David Gaudu (19 teams). But actually it seems like what's put their team over the top was the inclusion of Monday's UAE TT stage in the CQ ranking, getting 30 points from Bissegger (18 points) and Bjerg (12) there. adamski101 would've taken the week without that stage's inclusion, with a spread-out haul from Ben O'Connor (55 points, 5 teams), Gaudu, Valentin Madouas (45, 4) and MvdP (39, 9). Team trackstand takes the third spot.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Devils_Elbow   (+26)
2   Nakazar   (+20)
3   adamski101   (+18)
4   EvansIsTheBest   (+16)
5   Yellow Knight   (+15)

Devils Elbow doubles up here, jumping a modest (compared to the volatile first few weeks) 26 spots in the standings. Nakazar is a newcomer on this ranking, while adamski101 gets a second podium of the week.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   106.67
2   Boris98   62.67
3   Jon_Ezeitza   62
4   LaFlorecita   55
5   Crevaison   51

No change from last week, no scoring from the top 5. Devils Elbow gets 7th overall with 45 points for the weekly win.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+1)   Northerner   998
3   (-1)   LaFlorecita   977
4   (-)   Object   966
5   (+1)   rote_laterne   906
6   (+2)   manafana   879
7   (+2)   Jon_Ezeitza   858
8   (-3)   Hakkie2   848
9   (+2)   R_O_Shipman   808
9   (+4)   skidmark   808

Hugo Koblet holds onto the top spot again this week despite scoring only 35 points; no other top 10 teams cleared 130 so not much ground was made up. Northerner and LaFlorecita switch places on the podium, while lower down, R_O_Shipman and skidmark enter the top 10, and Crevaison and Boris98 tumble out.

This week... *deep breath*... it's OPENING WEEKEND! The first WT race of the season, the UAE Tour, is not to be overlooked, there are a couple of fun mountains even though the GC race was drastically thinned on the first day. But as that winds up, we get the hallowed double of Het Nieuwsblad and KBK in Belgium, and the "nobody pays attention to these races but they give out some decent CQ points" undercard of two .Pro races in France.

The 'real' opening of the European season ushers in the flurry of classic races (and capital-C Classics) coming in the month ahead. Let's see some racing!

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on February 23, 2021, 10:43

This week... *deep breath*... it's OPENING WEEKEND!... we get the hallowed double of Het Nieuwsblad and KBK in Belgium, and the "nobody pays attention to these races but they give out some decent CQ points" undercard of two .Pro races in France.

The 'real' opening of the European season ushers in the flurry of classic races (and capital-C Classics) coming in the month ahead. Let's see some racing!

And those four races, and 19 other Classics/classics up to the beginning of May, make up the Spring Classics CQ game (, for which you can use the same price list as you did for this game.   Don't forget to get your team (12 men, 3000 pt budget) to me before the Omloop.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: rote_laterne on February 26, 2021, 20:49
I've never been this long in the top ten. And Flo's team has quite some start.  :cool
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on March 02, 2021, 01:31
Update #5: The Season is On!

Although the really big points are still in the future, Opening Weekend certainly always feels like its name, and the UAE Tour always feels like... uh, well, some World Tour points, more significant this year as the first WT race without the Australian races. But if anyone was wondering what the CQ game is going to look like in 2021 with tons of relatively 'discounted' riders, this week was definitely a preview to kick it off. Last week Hugo was the only team with over 1000 points; some of this week's scores alone would have caught that mark.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Nakazar   954
2   Otoxiep87   845
3   Devils_Elbow   832
4   mineralJ   799
5   Northerner   791

This is some "GC of a Grand Tour week" kind of scores. Nobody makes 4 digits, but Nakazar leads the pack with 954 points. Some of that, including their team's highest scorer (Adam Yates, 175 points, 13 teams) was in the UAE Tour, but the bulk was from Belgium and France. Some good points from relatively rare picks David Gaudu (136 points, 19 teams) and Mads Pedersen (135, 5), and also from Anthony Turgis (98, 2) and Phil Gil (70, 19), as well as more popular picks like Pidcock, Politt and Buchmann. A solid all around effort! Otoxiep87 went another direction, as one of the two teams to take Pogacar (286 points) at his 2000+ point cost, helped by a supporting cost of popular picks (Vanmarcke/Pidcock/Politt) and good value picks like David Dekker (60 points, 10 teams) and Clement Champoussin (78 points, 16). Devils Elbow, winner last week, has another solid outing with a lot more points than last week's relatively minor haul.

This Week's High Movers

1   Nakazar   (+37)
2   escartin   (+33)
3   ray10   (+29)
4   Devils_Elbow   (+26)
4   Rebecops   (+26)

Nakazar doubles up here, with the gigantic haul finding a proportionate jump up  the standings. The other two on the podium are new names, with escartin benefitting from the same Gaudu/Pedersen combo as Nakazar (as well as another large supporting cast), and ray10 rounds it out with a 29 spot jump.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   118.67
2   Devils_Elbow   75
3   Northerner   66
4   Nakazar   65
5   Boris98   62.67

Not to be left behind, Hugo Koblet gets 12 points in the green jersey competition for another solid week, and indeed the top 4 overall all scored here this week. Hugo still basically has a one-week (45 points for a win) lead over everyone else. Devils Elbow and Nakazar vault into the top echelon here after two great weeks in a row.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+1)   
2   (-1)   Hugo Koblet   1777
3   (+3)   manafana   1652
4   (+8)   Otoxiep87   1643
5   (+10)   shalgo   1535
6   (+14)   Total Package   1518
7   (+37)   Nakazar   1515
8   (+5)   Squire   1504
9   (-)   skidmark   1486
10   (-6)   Object   1482
10   (-3)   Jon_Ezeitza   1482

Lots of movement on the charts this week - only 3 of the 93 teams are in the same spot as last week - and the top spot switches places by the barest of margins. Despite the good week, Hugo Koblet gets overtaken by Northerner by 12 points, and those two are over 100 points ahead of the next teams on the list. manafana nabs the final podium spot by 9 points. some big jumps into the top 10, with Otoxiep87, shalgo, Total Package, Nakazar and Squire moving in, and rote laterne, Hakkie2, LaFlorecita and RO Shipman falling out.

This week: a bit calmer of a week than last week, but still some good stuff, with La Samyn, Laigueglia mid-week and then Strade Bianche on Saturday, a 1.Pro Italian race Sunday, and the start of Paris-Nice, after which it just keeps rolling. Remember a year ago when the last stage of the UAE Tour was cancelled, Strade Bianche was nixed and Paris-Nice was in doubt and everything was happening very quickly? Phew, I know I've said it before, but I'm grateful to be seeing some racing!

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Flo on March 08, 2021, 17:31
I've never been this long in the top ten. And Flo's team has quite some start.  :cool
Had a flop week the week before last, -20, I did get 2 in the top-3 in Strade but I guess many will have them. Also - look at Carlos Rodriguez just casually finishing 7th in GP Larciano - that's my boy!
I'm also very satisfied with the shape my unique pick Oldani is showing and this week started off alright with Bol and Matthews in P-N.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on March 09, 2021, 04:11
Update #6: When your CQ score's high from that cheap QuickStep guy, that's'a Mauri

Another week, another top score approaching 4 digits. While last year's week-to-week updates were unique for combining a grab bag of races that normally are not close in the calendar to each other, this year's updates are whiplash-inspiring by the number of points teams are getting even in relatively 'down' weeks. Strade Bianche is bigger in our hearts than it is in CQ points, and "two 1.PS races in Italy, two 1.1 races in Belgium, and 1 stage of Paris-Nice" is hardly an exceptional backing cast. But the big suspicion going into the year - that the sheer affordability of top riders would mean lots of riders on teams would be snagging top spots every week - is already showing us what that actually looks like. And it looks like some monster weeks.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Otoxiep87   975
2   Bicycle_Boy   921
3   SafeBet   871
4   trackstand   848
5   EvansIsTheBest   841

With two top placings in the non-Strade Bianche Italian races this week, Bauke Mollema scores 222 points for 386 on the season and somehow first place in the year's CQ rankings! Props for a guy who's always there or thereabouts to get his moment in the sun. And with 33 teams owning him, a lot of owners have to be pleased. But similarly highly placing in the Italian races and getting a much higher return on investment is young Belgian Mauri Vansevenant, getting 196 points on the week to get to 246 on the season, for a cost of fifteen points! His 28 owners must be quite pleased, and we are just getting started on the season. Unsurprisingly, the winner of the week has them both. Otoxiep87 rides the success of these two, good points from near unanimous picks Bernal (170 points) and Pidcock (70), and 108 from Julian Alaphilippe (27 teams), to end up at almost 1000 points. CQ included Bol's 45 points from Monday's Paris-Nice stage, but Otoxiep87 would have had the week regardless. Bicycle Boy gets a great haul for second place, and being the owner of the rare combination of Van der Poel, Van Aert, and Alaphilippe (now THAT is a big CQ game swing! Props for that), their team is primed to have some giant weeks, despite being one of the few teams without Bernal. BB also has Mollema, Sam Bennett (61 points), and the other QuickStep guy that cost 15 points, Mark Cavendish (48 points). I just want to take a moment here to recognize the ridiculous of QuickStep, winning two of the races on Sunday and getting 2nd in the other race. SafeBet lands in third place, rounding out the podium.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   EvansIsTheBest   (+25)
2   Josedin   (+23)
3   Bicycle_Boy   (+22)
4   BlueRoads   (+21)
5   Rebecops   (+18)

A bit of a different list on this ranking. EITB takes the top spot here, moving up 25 spots with a big 3 of Mollema/Vansevenant/Bernal. Josedin lands in second, as one of only 3 teams to benefit from Tim Merlier's two wins this week (160 points), and Bicycle Boy manages both podiums this week.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   122.67
2   Otoxiep87   98
3   Jon_Ezeitza   80
4   Devils_Elbow   75
5   Northerner   72

Otoxiep87 narrows Hugo's lead here with the 45 points for the win, although Hugo did pick up 4 points for a top 15 placing. Jon Ezeitza picks up 18 points this week and Northerner picks up 6, tightening things slightly at the top.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+3)   
2   (-1)   Northerner   2502
3   (-1)   Hugo Koblet   2488
4   (+6)   Object   2270
5   (+5)   Jon_Ezeitza   2266
6   (-3)   manafana   2255
7   (+13)   SafeBet   2227
8   (-1)   Nakazar   2203
9   (+12)   trackstand   2194
10   (+6)   Fivezzz   2185

Hugo Koblet and Northerner were very close at the top last week, and in fact this week they were very close as well, with Northerner edging out Hugo 713-711 for the week. But Otoxiep87's monster week leapfrogs them both, putting their team handily in the lead by over 100 points. Some big shakeup lower down, with teams moving around the top 10, and SafeBet, trackstand and Fivezzz jumping in, and Squire, Total Package, shalgo and skidmark tumbling out (last week had a tie for 10th so we lose 4 and gain 3).

This week is always a treat for cycling fans to watch with overlapping stages of Paris-Nice and Tirenno-Adriatico (and an extra treat for some this year I'm sure, as it's comforting to get back to that annual rhythm after it was interrupted last year). But in fact it's quite a simple week for CQ points, as these are the only points on offer, and T-A doesn't give GC points until next week. I used to feel like Paris-Nice was the start of the cycling season, back before I really understood the significance of Opening Weekend and before the CQ game made me obsessed with every single point and therefore all the smaller opening season races. But however you measure it, by the time Paris-Nice rolls around, the season is truly started.

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: just some guy on March 09, 2021, 04:21
In free fall still it seems :D
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on March 09, 2021, 09:08
Take a moment please to appreciate that update title: brilliant
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on March 16, 2021, 05:38
Update #7: Jakob747 has a Nice week

We are in full swing here, with Paris-Nice offering top level WT stage race points and T-A doing the same for a few stages at least. The scores aren't quite at the heights of the busy last few weeks, but still quite solid.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Jakob747   623
2   Otoxiep87   608
3   BlueRoads   601
4   laarsland   599
5   Koronin   551

After leading for much of last year before bad injury luck towards the end of the season, Jakob747 makes an appearance at the top for the first time this year. Leading the way for Jakob is an rare, expensive pick that is a young rider with high upside (which, if you've been here for a few CQ games, is very on brand for Jakob's team) - Alexsandr Vlasov netted 205 points for 9 teams with what ended up being 2nd place in P-N after Roglic's shocking Sunday. Also looking good is the 155 from Lucas Hamilton (16 teams), 82 from Laporte and 61 from Bissegger. In 2nd is a familiar name - Otoxiep87 scores a remarkable third week in a row in the top 2 (and was 7th the week before that run started). Vlasov is to thank for that as well, and as one of the two owners of Pogacar, this upcoming week is looking pretty good too. BlueRoads clears 600 on the back of 314 points from the rare Schachmann (2 teams) and Hamilton helping out too.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Galpedal   (+23)
1   Jakob747   (+23)
3   BlueRoads   (+21)
4   laarsland   (+19)
5   Eyeballs Out   (+17)

Jakob does the double, although this time the spotlight is shared with Galpedal, who didn't show up on the last ranking. Vlasov and van Aert were the key movers for Galpedal there. BlueRoads repeats in third.

Green Jersey Comptetition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Otoxiep87   133
2   Hugo Koblet   122.67
3   Jon_Ezeitza   80
4   Devils_Elbow   75
5   Northerner   72

Otoxiep87's rampage continues through this ranking, as Hugo's giant lead from a couple of weeks ago has evaporated. Only Otoxiep87 scored any points this week of the top 5 on this ranking.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   Northerner   2759
3   (-)   Hugo Koblet   2733
4   (+6)   Fivezzz   2710
5   (-1)   Object   2605
6   (+1)   SafeBet   2598
7   (-2)   Jon_Ezeitza   2592
8   (-2)   manafana   2587
9   (+11)   MADRAZO   2548
10   (+9)   rote_laterne   2521

...and indeed, Otoxiep87 sees their team lead stretched in the overall to nearly 500 points. That's what happens when you get 2nd on the week after already being in the lead, and as mentioned above, Pogacar is going to ensure this week goes decently at the very least. Northerner and Hugo manage to hold onto the podium spots, and lower down MADRAZO and rote laterne get into the top 10 while trackstand and Nakazar fall out.

spreadsheet at dropbox (
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on March 16, 2021, 08:28
That's a VR member leading. :cool

I was wondering where my 387 points came from, but I forgot I had Lucas Hamilton.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on March 24, 2021, 02:33
Update #8: Another week, another 1000 points

pardon the update being a bit later this week, it's been a busy one! Just like it was a busy week on the scoresheets of many of the teams of this CQ game. It's my believe that the pandemic-shortened season in 2020 has made it so that game participants could talk themselves into almost any rider this side of Primoz Roglic as a good deal. I think it's perhaps easier to convince yourself to take a rider you really like but is a bit more expensive if that rider still only costs 500 points. If you're comparing a 500 pointer you like to a 300 pointer you like a bit less, it's easier to justify that than, say, if that rider was 1000 points and you were comparing him to a 600 pointer. With the CQ game total remaining at 7500, this has led to some diverse teams, and it also means that there are enough good riders that aren't completely off-limits for teams that no matter which rider wins the big race of the week, it's likely some people are going to have him.

It's sheerly a coincidence that I used 500 points for illustrative purposes, but it fits well enough the profile of Jasper Stuyven. Costing 502 points and with scores from 850-1250 for the last three full seasons, he's not an eye-catchingly good deal, but you could talk yourself into it. And if you did, you snagged a cool 280 points this week for his monument win! Those riders with Van Aert (5 teams) won't be too disappointed with the 'loss', as he snagged even more (430 points). And hey, why don't you pick van der Poel (9 teams) or Pogacar (2 teams) while you're at it? Cycling's biggest names coming off big seasons are still being picked, and the points they bring are truly a haul.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Boris98   1085
2   tom_jelte   1025
3   LosBrolin   962
4   triley36   948
5   Hakkie2   944

Teams have flirted with the 1000 point barrier in recent weeks, and the combo of T-A, MSR and a flurry of smaller races broke that barrier this week. Boris98 returns to the top of the charts after a torrid first few weeks and then a slowdown; aside from Stuyven's 280 points, Boris had four other riders cracking triple digits. The mildly popular Tim Wellens (105,  18 teams), the wildly popular Egan Bernal (136, everyone pretty much), and then exactly 100 from Bardet and Michael Matthews (didn't have a particularly bad year last year, but at 639 cost that was good enough for 23 teams). Sorry Sonny Colbrelli, your 80 points are only good enough for a mention this low down the list, and heaven forbid you scored less than that, you're not even worth a mention on this update. tom jelte gets second, and with a lineup of Van Aert, van der Poel and Sagan (as well as Bernal as a top scorer this week), their team might feature in a number of weekly updates in weeks those 3 are racing. LosBrolin doesn't quite crack a grand but gets third on the week with Stuyven, Bernal and Sagan leading the way and some strong supporting points across the board.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   LosBrolin   (+29)
2   tom_jelte   (+22)
3   18-Valve. (pithy)   (+19)
4   the asian   (+17)
5   Josedin   (+16)
5   postmanhat   (+16)

Boris98 finishes just out of the top 5 here, so the next two from the other rankings take over the top two spots here, both with jumps of over 20 spots. 18-Valve.(pithy) manages third here, as one of the 2 owners of Pogacar, as well as having Sagan and Bernal scoring big this week.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Otoxiep87   133
2   Hugo Koblet   122.67
3   Boris98   107.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   80
5   Devils_Elbow   75

Boris98's team nabbed 4th on the first week of the CQ game, finished in a 3-way tie for 1st the next week, and then underwent a drought until this week, with 45 points for the win returning them to the top of this ranking. No other teams in the top 5 score this week.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   Northerner   3551
3   (+15)   Boris98   3443
4   (+7)   Bicycle_Boy   3416
5   (+5)   rote_laterne   3406
6   (+2)   manafana   3366
7   (-4)   Hugo Koblet   3361
8   (-3)   Object   3309
9   (+5)   Squire   3283
10   (+2)   Total Package   3276

And Boris' big week comes with a big result in the overall! Even though they almost made the top 5 high movers of the week, they were already placed quite high, moving up from 18th to 3rd overall! Otoxiep87 loses 96 points to Northerner on the week but still has a pretty healthy lead (although is 370 points really that healthy in a game where top teams are scoring 1000ish every week?), and those two keep the top two spots. Apart from Boris, Bicycle Boy does a big leap into the top 10 (and top 4), Squire and Total Package move into the top 10, while SafeBet, MADRAZO, Fivezzz and Jon Ezeitza fall out.

This week the fun continues, with Catalunya and Coppi e Bartali already underway with none of the biggest phenoms of cycling present, making them seem fairly wide open to my eyes (although Mauri Vansevenant is probably going to get a bunch more points from Italy). And then, we've got De Panne Wednesday, E3 Friday (welcome back!) and Gent Wevelgem Sunday. Classics season is truly underway!

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Post by: just some guy on March 24, 2021, 16:31
+15 and a few riders in profit.

Plus ahead of Search so there is that :)
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Post by: skidmark on March 30, 2021, 17:22
Update #9: Leaderboard flips in another monster week

It was an exciting week in racing, with echelons from 170km out in Gent-Wevelgem and constantly attacking racing in E3, as well as De Panne, Coppi e Bartali, and Catalunya (which I guess was exciting if you were nostalgic for the days the Sky train dominated by having the best TTers and then the strongest team in the mountains). That amount of racing was always going to add up to a strong week, but this one is the strongest of the season which has already seen some big weeks.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Total Package   1246
2   Tigerion   1116
3   Bonimenier   1115
4   Jon_Ezeitza   1076
5   JPettersen   1058

Last week's top 3 scored over 1000 points, and this week doubled that with 6 teams breaking that mark. There were many ways to succeed this week, but if you wanted a spot at the top the must-have was Adam Yates, who managed to pull in 331 points for his 13 teams with the tightly controlled win in Catalunya. Total Package managed the win with Yates and a solid grab bag of classics stars, with 130 points from Trentin (36 teams), 120 from Viviani who finally won a race (32 teams), 119 from Colbrelli (18), 117 from Naesen (42) and 111 from Van Avermaet (33), as well as a few solid sub-100 weeks from riders to top it off. Phew! Tigerion will be happy despite second on the week, reaping 1116 points from an even more concentrated group of high scorers, with Yates leading the way and 222 points from Esteban Chaves (2 teams!), who seems to have finally returned to form (much to the relief of those of us who like the guy and much to the chagrin of those of us who have picked him for the last three years but declined to do again this year). Geraint Thomas (166, 32 teams) and Viviani also contribute. Bonimenier is one point back as the highest team without Yates, with Thomas leading the way over a wealth of classics riders (Trentin, Colbrelli, Naesen, GvA) and 140 points from an almost-41-year-old Alejandro Valverde chosen by 4 teams. Respect to the old man!

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Tigerion   (+32)
2   PremierAndrew   (+18)
2   Bonimenier   (+18)
2   Yellow Knight   (+18)
5   VeloRooms   (+16)

As we will see lower down, Total Package was already fairly high on the overall and had little space to move up, so Tigerion makes the most notable bounce this week. PremierAndrew and Yellow Knight join Bonimenier on a packed podium on this standing.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   142.67
2   Otoxiep87   133
3   Boris98   107.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   106
5   Northerner   84

Hugo Koblet is back on top of this ranking after Otoxiep87's tear of the last month, getting 20 points for 6th on the week to regain the lead. 2nd and 3rd place teams are idle this week, while Jon Ezeitza grabs 26 points and Northerner gets 10 to get into the top 5.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+9)   
Total Package
2   (-)   Northerner   4477
3   (+4)   Hugo Koblet   4400
4   (-1)   Boris98   4328
5   (+1)   manafana   4311
6   (-2)   Bicycle_Boy   4310
7   (+8)   Jon_Ezeitza   4289
8   (+5)   Fivezzz   4233
9   (-8)   Otoxiep87   4206
10   (+2)   MADRAZO   4068

Otoxiep87's tear through the charts comes to a halt this week as rare picks Pogacar and Vlasov took a break, and the 400 point lead of last week evaporates. Total Package was already 10th overall and so was well positioned to take advantage of the monster week, and so jumps into the top spot overall. Northerner holds in second, tantalizingly close to first (less than 50 points difference can be easily made up in this high scoring environment, but that also means the teams behind you can catch you just as easily), while Hugo returns to the podium. Jon Ezeitza, Fivezzz and MADRAZO return to the top 10, while Squire, rote laterne and Object drop out.

This week is a bit quieter, although there continues a theme of 'races that didn't take place in 2020 returning' in Dwars Door Vlanderen and GP Miguel Indurain, before the one we're all waiting for on Sunday - La Roue Tourangelle. No wait, the one we're all waiting for actually did take place last October but is returning to its normal spot at the start of a Holy Week sandwich, which may of course become an open-faced sandwich depending on what happens with the touch-and-go Paris-Roubaix drama. I'll take what I can get.

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Really not helping my most expensive rider at 918 is on 0 it seems :lol
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Post by: skidmark on April 05, 2021, 21:56
Update #10: Boris98 strikes back

At the start of the week, I thought it was strange that a week with a monument was so thin with racing and figured it would be a down week for points. But, uh, the 1000 point weeks keep coming!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Boris98   1080
2   Salvarani   1004
3   Hugo Koblet   871
4   Total Package   828
5   Gigs_98   816

Boris98 won two weeks ago, had a down week last week, and now has won again with another 4-digit week. The driving force behind the win two weeks ago (Jasper Stuyven, 4 teams) scored 161 this week, but that was only good enough for third on Boris' team, behind Greg Van Avermaet (199 points, 33 teams) and Christophe Laporte (162, 32). Also contributing is Sep Vanmarcke (112, 62 teams), Kristoff (13 teams, got 90 points despite overall having a disappointing week) and Lutsenko (78 points, 31 teams). Salvarani has a solid week, cracking 1000 points with a very similar lineup as Boris but instead of the owned-by-4-teams Stuyven, their team has 130 points from an owned-by-4-teams (and is seeming like possibly quite a good deal) Alejandro Valverde. A familiar face in third, as Hugo Koblet has yet another great week with the familiar trio of GvA/Laporte/Vanmarcke and just a cumulative bounce from a strong supporting cast of 12 other riders that nabbed between 10 and 90 points this week. Interestingly, none of the 5 teams that picked Asgreen featured in the top 10 this week, emphasizing how big of a team game this truly is.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Salvarani   (+28)
2   VeloRooms   (+15)
2   Gigs_98   (+15)
4   escartin   (+13)
4   Koronin   (+13)

Salvarani's 1000 point week comes with a large jump in the standings, moving up a very impressive 28 spots in the standings. The VeloRooms collective team and Gigs_98 tie for the other podium spots, the former being one of those 5 Asgreen teams and the latter riding the tried and true GvA/Laporte/Vanmarcke + Valverde combo.

This Month's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this month
1   Boris98   4091
2   Total Package   3832
3   Bicycle_Boy   3691
4   Hugo Koblet   3494
5   tom_jelte   3467

It has been quite the month! Note that March scores include 5 updates rather than 4, but Boris98 still averages over 800 points/update in March, and along with Total Package is one of two teams who earned over half of their team's 7500 cost this month. Boris' riders scoring big points range from the rare to the popular, the expensive to the cheap. But leading the way is the aforementioned Stuyven, who got 473 points for his 4 owners. Behind that, Boris98 got hauls from GvA (375), Bernal (311), Michael Matthews, Christophe Laporte (270 each), Mauri Vansevenant (237), Tiesj Benoot (211), Sonny Colbrelli (209), Matteo Trentin (197) and Sep Vanmarcke (165) as a top 10 on the month. Phew! Total Package has the same top 5 save for Adam Yates (331) replacing Stuyven, and the same in spots 6-10 save for Mollema (262) and Sagan (218) swapped in for Vansevnant and Benoot. Bicycle Boy is in third place but with little to complain about, with a wildly top-heavy team, top 3 scorers being WvA with 1010 points(!), MvdP with 738, and Sam Bennett with 329.

This Month's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   tom_jelte   (+48)
2   Galpedal   (+39)
3   LosBrolin   (+33)
4   Bicycle_Boy   (+32)
5   VeloRooms   (+28)

A different set on this ranking, indicating that the teams that were highest scoring in March had already gotten off to a great start. On this ranking, tom-jelte managed to move up more than half the length of the table with a Van driven lineup (Van Aert, Van Der Poel, Van Avermaet) plus Bernal topping 300 for the month. Galpedal grabs second on this ranking thanks largely to WvA, and LosBrolin gets a mention in third.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   172.67
2   Boris98   152.67
3   Otoxiep87   133
4   Jon_Ezeitza   106
5   Total Package   91

The rich get richer in this ranking... Boris98 would have gone back in the lead with 45 points this week if Hugo hadn't gotten 30 points for third place - as a result, both teams build up a pretty good lead on the rest of the field. Total Package gets 26 points for 4th on the week to build on 45 for the win last week to move into the top 5 overall here.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+3)   
2   (-1)   Total Package   5350
3   (-)   Hugo Koblet   5271
4   (-2)   Northerner   4986
5   (-)   manafana   4895
6   (-)   Bicycle_Boy   4879
7   (+1)   Fivezzz   4799
8   (+3)   Squire   4739
9   (+7)   skidmark   4736
10   (-)   MADRAZO   4707

Another week, another lead change! Boris98's great week is enough to get back into the lead, although only by 58 points over last week's leader Total Package - in this high-point environment, that's nothing. Hugo Koblet keeps a place among the leaders as has been the case all season. Lower down there's minor bouncing about, with game veterans Squire and skidmark coming back into the top 10, and the  feast-or-famine teams of Otoxiep87 and Jon Ezeitza tumbling out (although with Pogacar and Yates in action this week, that may be a short-lived drop for both of them).

This week lacks the full punch it would have had if Paris-Roubaix had gone ahead, but at least we have the most hated one day race on the calendar in Scheldeprijs. I would imagine, at least, there is legitimate excitement at the return of Itzulia, as well as at the first showdown of the year between Roglic and Pogacar (even if they might have little impact on this game). And I would also imagine that many of you might have had the same reaction as I did looking at the calendar and, in realizing the Tour of Turkey has its first stage this CQ week, reacted by thinking 'oh yeah that race exists'.

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Collective team getting in the highlights :D
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Post by: skidmark on April 14, 2021, 14:13
Update #11: Lead changes again even in relatively quiet week

The postponement of Paris-Roubaix took a big points prize off the week, but the always-exciting Itzulia made everyone realize why they missed it in 2020, and in regards to this game it offered a week of WorldTour level points. There was some movement in the standings to go with it.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   AlyKaptan   701
2   Blues in the bottle   612
3   Rebecops   521
4   Nakazar   498
5   ray10   482

A pretty top-loaded week, with one team topping 700, two teams topping 600, and one other joining them at 500... AlyKaptan hit on a few rare picks this week, with Jonas Vingegaard (199, 9 teams) and David Gaudu (178, 19 teams) and Brandon McNulty (87, 9 teams) leading the way. Blues in the bottle has the latter 2 of those 3, but rather than Vingeagaard had Scheldeprijs-winning Jasper Philipsen (133, 2 teams). Rebecops ends up in third, with the same top 2 as AlyKaptan as well as Landa (82, 4) but little other support.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   AlyKaptan   (+15)
2   Blues in the bottle   (+12)
2   ray10   (+12)
4   laarsland   (+10)
5   Rebecops   (+9)
5   JPettersen   (+9)
5   Nevs   (+9)

Unsurprisingly, with a score head and shoulders above the rest of the field, AlyKaptan also has the highest leap up the standings. Blues in the bottle takes second here too, tied with ray10.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   172.67
2   Boris98   152.67
3   Otoxiep87   145
4   Jon_Ezeitza   120
5   Nakazar   107

The top 2 here have a week off (in terms of green jersey points), but below, Otoxiep87 got 12 points this week, Jon Ezeitza nabbed 14 and Nakazar 26 to make things a bit tigther at the top. Hugo still has a pretty healthy lead, with only two others within a weekly win (45 points) of the lead.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+1)   
Total Package
2   (-1)   Boris98   5587
3   (-)   Hugo Koblet   5570
4   (-)   Northerner   5210
5   (+8)   Nakazar   5164
6   (-)   Bicycle_Boy   5147
7   (-2)   manafana   5137
8   (+4)   Otoxiep87   5086
9   (-1)   Squire   5038
10   (+9)   JPettersen   4974

Total Package flips things around back into first this week, gaining 101 points on last week's leader Boris98 in a very competitive battle for the top - Hugo is only 60 points out of first back in third place as well. Nakazar, Otoxiep87 and JPettersen enter the top 10, while skidmark, Fivezzz and MADRAZO drop out.

This week is an interesting one - a lot of the 'top' names in this game are in a resting cycle after the flurry of opening big spring races, and .Pro level races in Turkey and Spain attract a mixed group of WT and non-WT teams that offer opportunity for some riders to punch above their normal weight in terms of CQ points. As well, Brabantse Pijl and Amstel Gold get a mix of Ardennes riders and more cobbles guys than usual now that P-R has been postponed. Looming around the corner is the first Grand Tour of the year in a few weeks...

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Post by: skidmark on April 20, 2021, 06:28
Update #12: Boris back on top

With many of the top stars in this game taking a backseat during a week with the Tour of Turkey and postponed Valenciana attracting somewhat secondary fields, there was still room for a few stars to shine brightly as we transitioned into the Ardennes with Brabantse Pijl and AGR. And shine they did!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Galpedal   862
2   Amis_Velo   840
3   Bicycle_Boy   828
4   VeloRooms   691
5   tom_jelte   671

Galpedal wins the week with an absurdly top-heavy team - 3 riders over 100, 3 more over 30 points, and one more with 5 finishing points, and that's it! But those three riders were the two cyclo-cross stars that traded wins in the two 1-day races this week, Wout van Aert (298 points, 5 teams) and Tom Pidcock (262, 72 teams). The cherry on top was the now fully resurgent Mark Cavendish, who got 139 points for his 19 owners. Amis Velo gets a fine second place with a more spread out approach, sans WvA but with the other two Brits as well as 101 from Trentin, 96 from Matthews, 58 from Kwiatko, 52 from Mohoric, and a few others. Bicycle Boy rounds out the podium (which are head and shoulders above the rest of the field with the same big 3 as Galpedal but even less support.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   ChrisDK   (+13)
2   Galpedal   (+12)
3   FASTnotFURIOUS   (+10)
3   Amis_Velo   (+10)
5   VeloRooms   (+9)

Galpedal can't quite do the double here, as ChrisDK moves up 13 spots even after finishing 14th in the top scorers category. Galpedal does manage 3rd, and Amis Velo also pulls off the double podium, tying with fastnotfurious for third.

Green Jersey competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   172.67
2   Boris98   168.67
3   Otoxiep87   145
4   Jon_Ezeitza   120
5   Nakazar   107

Boris98 gains 16 points on Hugo, pulling to within 4 to make it a tight race at the top. No other teams in the top 5 score this week.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+1)   
2   (-1)   Total Package   6175
3   (-)   Hugo Koblet   6092
4   (+2)   Bicycle_Boy   5975
5   (-)   Nakazar   5780
6   (+1)   manafana   5751
7   (-3)   Northerner   5749
8   (+1)   Squire   5704
9   (+1)   JPettersen   5607
10   (+3)   Object   5599

The lead swings back to Boris98 this week, pulling ahead of last week's leader Total Package, while Hugo stays strong in third. Small movements this week, with Object swapping places with Otoxiep87 to enter the top 10.

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Post by: just some guy on April 20, 2021, 17:23
Collective team :lol
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: search on April 20, 2021, 17:45

we should line up sprinters only next time!
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Post by: skidmark on April 29, 2021, 04:28
Update #13: Hugo Takes Over

We had an exciting week with the Ardennes, with some consistent high finishers between Fleche and LBL getting gobs of points for the teams who had them, and the Tour of the Alps driving scores higher as well. Let's see where that leaves us!

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Otoxiep87   1050
2   Lortnoc   914
3   mineralJ   894
4   18-Valve. (pithy)   863
5   Northerner   853

Yet another week where the leader breaks 1000 points, although it's just one team this week, albeit one who is no stranger to the top of the standings. Otoxiep87 once again reaps the benefit of the two rare riders Pogacar (280 points for the monument win, 2 teams) and Vlasov (112, 9), but gains biggest from the high finishes of Julian Alaphilippe (390 points, 27 teams). Mollema also quietly clears 100 points (120, 33 teams) to give Otoxiep87 a formidable score (just imagine where it would have been if UAE hadn't been pulled from Fleche). Lortnoc has a very solid week to net second place, with the above-mentioned riders less Pogacar, plus 77 from Sivakov as the next highest rider. mineralJ gets 3rd with almost 900, with of course Alapilippe to thank but also Alps winner Simon Yates (209 points, 14 teams).

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   mineralJ   (+14)
2   18-Valve. (pithy)   (+13)
3   Lortnoc   (+12)
3   Rebecops   (+12)
5   Tigerion   (+11)
5   Earns1985   (+11)

We're far enough into the season now that even though the scores are high, the moves in the standings are relatively small. mineralJ tops this one - as we will see, Otoxie87 was already quite high in the overall to start and so didn't have that far to move. 18-Valve is a newcomer on this ranking after just missing the Top Scorers podium, as the other Pogacar owner. Lortnoc repeats a podium and is joined by Rebecops in a tie for third.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Otoxiep87   190
2   Hugo Koblet   172.67
3   Boris98   168.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   120
5   Nakazar   107

Well, Hugo and Boris had a strong lead for awhile, but not a big enough lead that it would be protected from a 45-point surge from Otoxiep87, the new leader. No other teams in the top 5 scored Green Jersey points this week.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+2)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+5)   Northerner   6602
3   (-2)   Boris98   6597
4   (-)   Bicycle_Boy   6581
5   (-3)   Total Package   6554
6   (+5)   Otoxiep87   6530
7   (-2)   Nakazar   6440
8   (-)   Squire   6306
9   (-3)   manafana   6242
10   (-)   Object   6084

After being in the lead very early in the season, Hugo Koblet has flirted with the top spot, and finally returns this week. Hugo finished a modest 34th in the weekly rankings, but last week's top 2 Boris98 and Total Package both had off weeks and finished below 65th place. Northerner uses a 5th place on the week to leapfrog into 2nd overall, 82 points behind, while Boris holds onto the last podium spot, less than 100 behind Hugo and 16 in front of 4th place. It's a very tight race! Otoxiep87 uses the weekly win to jump back into the top 10, at the expense of JPettersen, who falls out.

This week is Romandie and the rescheduled Vuelta a Asturias, an appetizer week before the Giro starts very soon.

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on May 06, 2021, 15:56
Update #14: A tie for first in the weekly rankings as the overall standings flip again

This update's a little later than hoped, but better late than never. Last week saw Romandie as the center of CQ points, while a rescheduled Asturias also provided a few points to those who had riders in it. In keeping with the theme of the season so far, there were some high scores, and the leaderboard continued its constant back-and-forth jumble.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Devils_Elbow   830
1   escartin   830
3   LosBrolin   812
4   del1962   785
5   Armchair cyclist   754

Aside from weeks early and late in the season where teams with the same handful of scoring riders tie, I can't recall too many ties at the top. But Devils Elbow and escartin manage to do so this week, each with a very decent 830 points. And indeed, they each had the same crop of highest scorers - Geraint Thomas (347 points), Sonny Colbrelli (133), Pierre Latour (91), Peter Sagan (78), and Thymen Arensman (60). That accounts for 709 of their 830 points, and the rest just jumbled up in a way that made them even. Congrats to both! LosBrolin nabs third place with of course Thomas, Lucas Hamilton (100 points) and a few others.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Devils_Elbow   (+16)
2   escartin   (+14)
3   del1962   (+13)
3   will10   (+13)
5   LosBrolin   (+12)

The same top 2 but no tie at the top this time - Devils Elbow takes it in a clean win. There is a tie lower down, with del1962 and will10 each with a foot on the last podium spot.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Otoxiep87   190
2   Hugo Koblet   172.67
3   Boris98   168.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   120
5   Devils_Elbow   115

40 points on the week (splitting the difference between 45 for first and 35 for second) gets Devils Elbow to slip onto this ranking. No points this week among the top 4, and therefore no movement either.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+3)   
2   (-)   Northerner   7040
3   (-2)   Hugo Koblet   6984
4   (+1)   Total Package   6884
5   (-2)   Boris98   6879
6   (-)   Otoxiep87   6813
7   (+5)   Armchair cyclist   6662
8   (-)   Squire   6641
9   (+1)   Object   6628
10   (-3)   Nakazar   6581

Somewhat out of nowhere, Bicycle Boy jumps into the lead! This comes after a decent but not flashy week (28th on the week), but it's so close at the top that this was enough to flip the lead over Northerner (who was 32nd on the week but 79 points behind Bicycle Boy) and Hugo (57th on the week). The top 6 are all within 300 points. Armchair Cyclist rides a 5th place on the weekly rankings into the top 10 at the expense of manafana, who slips to 11th.

This week is already mostly over, but the points are still to come! The rescheduled Algarve has some .Pro points on offer, while a few teams may have riders in the 2.1 Rwanda race. All in all not a huge week for points, but of course the biggest thing going on is that the Giro starts on Saturday... we are in Grand Tour season! Happy racing everyone.

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Armchair Cyclist on May 07, 2021, 15:15
If you are doing well in this, you will want to prove that it is not a fluke: what better way than to do well in the Giro CQ game. (

If you are doing poorly here, you won't want to wait until next year to reprieve your reputation and restore your confidence in yourself as a pundit:  You won't get an opportunity sooner than the Giro CQ game. (

In short, no excuse, give it a go.  You have about 22 hours from the timestamp of this post.

And I'll stop hijacking threads now, at least until I'm plugging the Tour game.
Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: skidmark on May 11, 2021, 05:16
Update #15: Hayter lovers have their day

It turns out that not too many popular riders were riding the Algarve or Rwanda... I will take advantage of the quiet week to offer a relatively quick update, as I'm squeezing this writeup into one of my few free hours the first half of this week.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   armchairclimber   290
2   VeloRooms   248
3   ChrisDK   232
4   Yellow Knight   226
5   Fivezzz   224

After several weeks of leaders getting 800+ points, this week is more subdued, but a weekly win still gets your name in lights and this week it's armchairclimber who comes out on top! This is almost entirely thanks to 2 performances at the Algarve - 159 points from Ethan Hayter (9 teams), and 100 points from Elie Gesbert (8 teams), who at a cost of 6 points is certainly delivering returns. The VeloRooms collective team is back in the rankings, topping 4th place a few weeks ago to get 2nd on the backs of Kasper Asgreen (117 points, 5 teams) and Filippo Ganna (106, 3). ChrisDK rounds out the podium thanks to those same 2 but a tiny bit less small-point support than VeloRooms.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   merengues   (+6)
2   Nyssinator   (+5)
2   SafeBet   (+5)
4   Fivezzz   (+4)
4   postmanhat   (+4)
4   EvansIsTheBest   (+4)
4   ChrisDK   (+4)
4   VeloRooms   (+4)

As one might expect, not a lot of movement this week given the sub-300 point scores, but the biggest move goes to merengues, who has Hayter's 159 points and then a next highest scorer of Tobias Foss with 25 for third on the opening Giro TT. Nyssinator (Hayter) and Safebet (Gesbert) tie for the second podium spot.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Otoxiep87   190
2   Hugo Koblet   172.67
3   Boris98   168.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   120
5   Devils_Elbow   115

No movement or scoring in the top 5 here; Fivezzz jumps into the top 10 with some points on the week to make the highest move on the chart.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   Northerner   7081
3   (-)   Hugo Koblet   7024
4   (-)   Total Package   6952
5   (-)   Boris98   6901
6   (-)   Otoxiep87   6847
7   (-)   Armchair cyclist   6840
8   (+4)   Fivezzz   6708
9   (-)   Object   6686
10   (-2)   Squire   6674

Things stay mostly the same here, although Bicycle Boy gains about 50 points on the closest two teams, which seems both very important (given how tight it is at the top) and not important at all (given that teams are scoring a bazillion points most weeks). The podium, and indeed most of the top 10, stays the same, although Fivezzz turns a good week into a jump back into the top 10, at the expense of Nakazar who falls out.

This week, the Giro continues apace, and the undercard is a mix of races that I personally find fascinating - the 2.1 Tour of Hungary, the 1.1 Circuit de Wallonie, the rescheduled Mallorca Challenge races, and the now 1.Pro Tro Bro Leon on the weekend. That is some diversity of racing!

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Title: Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
Post by: Leadbelly on May 11, 2021, 05:27
Amazing, a whole 10 points for the week. :fp

Moved up a spot somehow. :lol