Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which browsers do you recommend for viewing velorooms
Desktop - We test in Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari, and as such all four of these browsers are fine for viewing the site. We do use Javascript so using script blockers will effect your experience.

Mobile Browsing: We currently test on browsers using the "webkit" platform which is fast becoming the industry standard: Webkit browsers include - Iphone: Stock and Safari Blackberry: Stock Symbian:  Stock  Android:  Stock (since 4.0), Chrome, Opera Ice (Forthcoming), Opera Beta, Safari Kindle: Stock Windows Phone: IE Mobile for Windows Phone 7 Tapatalk We also support the Tapatalk forum app.  (Not recommended, opera mobile, firefox, android stock pre 4.0)

The bulk of your personal settings can now be changed via the personal "User Control Panel", this is accessed via the "My Profile" drop down menu

How do I Change my time zone
Go to your control panel and select the "look and layout" option

How do I change my theme?
To change your theme simply go to your control panel and select the "Theme" option. To have all the latest features and looks we recommend using the "Velorooms 2013" theme.

I dont want other members to see my email address
Your email address appears in your profile to registered members if you checked the "allow other users to email me" when you registered. To hide your email address again
Control Panel and go to  "account settings" and uncheck the "allow users to email me" box

How do I change the number of posts visible per page
Go to your control panel and select "look and layout"

How do I make my personal messages show the most recent at the top?
From you control panel select "My Message Options" and then check the box for most recent messages at the top

When i click reply or quote it goes to quick reply rather than a new page
To disable quick reply, go to control panel, select "look and layout" and change the quick reply drop down to dont show at all. (show off by default is not recommended)

When off, all reply and quote buttons will lead to a new post.
When on, all reply buttons on posts, and quote buttons will go to quick reply, while the larger reply buttons at the foot and footer of the page will go to a new page.

How do i quote multiple posts
When you quote or reply (with quick reply turned off), or reply using the footer buttons (with quick reply on) you will see the last 30 posts in the thread below your text input window. Each post will have a seperate insert quote button on it.

How do I post a youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion video

Simple, you just literally put in the url to the video like so>

The site will then automatically embed it and put a title on you.

How do I change my Avatar

Go to your control panel and  select forum profile and from there you can upload or link to an avatar

How do I change my default smiley set

Go to your control panel and select  "look and layout" and pick from whichever set you want to use.

How do I use embed codes or post other html elements

Unfortunately you cant. For security reasons posting html is restricted to admins.

How do I configure which alerts I will see in the alerts popup"

Go to your control panel and select the option for "Alerts"

How do I get a thread I started to appear on the front page of the forum?
If you have started a great thread, preferably with a nice intro and an image, simply select the "Add as Article" option and pick a category. Once its been approved by a moderator it will appear on the front page.

How do I embed results from Pro Cycling Stats
On the results page of PCS, hover over the dropdown menu entitled "More" and click on "Embed results". When the new page has loaded, look for the 6-digit numeric code in the box at the bottom of the page under the "Copy iFrame" heading (e.g. id=123456) and copy-paste that number inside [pcs][/pcs] tags in your post. You can either type out these tags or insert them in your post using the PCS button:

A complete example looks like this: [pcs]123456[/pcs]

How do I embed a ride from Garmin, Bikemap, Tracks4Bikers etc
Use the relevant BBCode by pressing the icon for the type of ride you wish to embed (note, in the case of RidewithGPS there are seperate buttons for Routes and Trips) and then within the code put the relevant reference number, which is
Garmin - The numeric activity ID
Map My Ride - The activity ID
Endomondo - The activity ID which will be two numbers seperate by a "/"
BikeMap - Which will be the full description that appears in the URL bar ie. 76593/Home_to_Town
RidewithGPS - The route or trip ID
Tracks 4 Bikers - The route ID

How do I embed a tweet
Simply post the tweet address for example and the software will do the rest. It may not appear until you have refreshed the page. PLEASE ENSURE YOU REMOVE THE "S" FROM ANY HTTPS ADDRESS

Where can I view the forum terms and conditions
You can view the forum rules here
The member agreement here
And our privacy policy here


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