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Re: Operation Puerto
« on: January 23, 2013, 10:30 »
There was an indirect statement of that kind in an interview he gave to As or Marca I think. I'll try to find it.

If I can rediscover it, it will be a volte face from July 2006, when he told El Pais that "What I have to say I'll say. I'll leave nothing out. If I have to tell the truth, even if it hurts, I'll talk." [source]

OK, when asked by Le Monde in December 2006 if he had worked with Real Madrid and Barcelona, Fuentes replied: "I can't say. I've received death threats ... I've been threatened three times".

Following the publication of the interview, Fuentes changed his story in Marca, which prompted the headline that the doctor now denied receiving death threats. What Fuentes actually says, however, is something different: "I can't talk about that subject, but the threats do not come from the world of football".

Le Monde was in possession of documents that supposedly proved Fuentes' involvement with football clubs, but the doctor claimed that they were not his work and again issued a denial through which some daylight still passed: "The name of none of these four clubs came from the mouth of Eufemiano Fuentes" but the doctor did allow that he had worked with players from the first and second divisions.

Here's a summary in French from Belgian daily La Dernière Heure.
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