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Re: Operation Puerto
« Reply #30 on: January 29, 2013, 10:09 »
Spain v. Fuentes E, Fuentes Y, Labarta, Belda, Saiz - Day One summary

Mostly procedural as expected, a rather dry session and in complete contrast to the media scrum outside the court.

The ever dependable Carlos Arriba is covering the story for El Pais and these notes are drawn from his article on the trial (ES).


Manzano withdrew his statement against Saiz. This was an unusual development though not much importance has been attached to it by journalists. The reason for the withdrawal appears to be that Manzano has been asked to restrict his testimony to the events of 2006.

We must remember that the charges relate only to 2006. If Manzano has nothing to say about Saiz which relates specifically to 2006, his unrestricted testimony would be considered both irrelevant and prejudicial to the respondent.

It is too early to say how beneficial this outcome will be for Saiz' case.

Procedural decisions

Judge Santamaria heard arguments about the admissibility and scheduling of evidence.

She will rule on whether to allow a statement from Tyler Hamilton which closely resembles his USADA affidavit and whether to move Contador's testimony toward the end of the hearing process.

Finally, and this is important, the judge is also expected to rule on the admission of blood bag evidence that relates in no small part to those "other sports" we've been hearing about so much. Once again, we must remember that the scope of the charges is quite limited and it is therefore not difficult to appreciate why Judge Serrano, who threw out the case some years ago, did not seem interested at that time in hearing about the identities behind the blood bags.

Santamaria seems more open to it, but it is a delicate argument: when talking about whether or not these people colluded to endanger the public health, does it really matter in the strictest sense to the case (even if it might to observers and the public) to whom the blood had belonged?
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