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I did not have camera its broken and other one was away, shame, shame.

It was awesome, if any had a chance to race on those UCI cronometro thingie I highly recommended.
Real red carpet starting ramp, podium girls, machine which goes beep when count last 5 seconds or 10, electronic timing, motorbike in front of you,  :-*;D

Cool, 300 hrs riders started, guy who rode Giro ends second AG2R LA MONDIALE, Gazvoda. Elite, U23 did 37,2 km ELITE Slovenian national championship results
GAZVODA   GREGOR   1981   SLO   AG2R LA MONDIALE   0:46:04.9
FAJT   KRISTJAN   1982   SLO   KK Adria Mobil   0:47:31.7
MUGERLI   MATEJ   1981   SLO   KK Adria Mobil   0:47:40.2
KERKEZ   VLADIMIR   1984   SLO   SAVA   0:48:20.1
MEZGEC   LUKA   1988   SLO   SAVA   0:49:45.1

As I heard they are not happy about such a small number of riders, but Dauphine and other races are on. Bad timing.

Master, UCI men, kids did 18,6km at very very windy course, what is difference between masters and UCI men don t know 8)

I did it for 28min.35sec, avg spd 40km, avg HR 175, max HR 186 at the end, which place me 16th out of 26 in my cat, there is still no overall results
1   201   ROVŠČEK   BORUT   1971   SLO   KD BRDA   0:24:42.8
2   205   VIDIC   OTON   1968   SLO   KD BRDA   0:24:56.7
3   202   POGLAVC   ALOJZ   1971   SLO   KD Papež Podgorje   0:24:59.2
4   200   GRILJ   JERNEJ   1970   SLO   KK Izvir Vipava   0:25:09.6
5   204   VOVK   BORUT   1968   SLO   ŠD BAM.BI   0:25:27.4
6   95   MARINKO   GREGA   1971   SLO   ŠD TURBO M   0:26:18.1
7   203   GRUDEN   GREGOR   1968   SLO   KK Izvir Vipava   0:26:42.8
8   267   RICHTER   MICHAEL   1970   GER   Columbus Cycling Team   0:26:54.6
9   88   LUNDER   BORUT   1969   SLO   KK Izvir Vipava   0:26:59.3
10   94   KOVAČ   MARJAN   1971   SLO   Radenska   0:27:01.4
11   199   UKMAR   ALEŠ   1970   SLO   KD BRDA   0:27:13.1
12   196   JERETINA   PRIMOŽ   1969   SLO   KD Mengeš   0:27:20.3
13   195   KALAN   ALEŠ   1968   SLO   ŠD BAM.BI   0:28:02.4
14   273   DAVYDOV   EDUARD   1970   RUS   Kama   0:28:06.7
15   91   KADIVEC   MARKO   1969   SLO      0:28:33.8
16   266   ĆURČINSKI   DENIS   1972   CRO   BK Dinamo   0:28:35.4
17   278   GRM   TOMAŽ   1968   SLO   KD Butan Plin   0:28:47.1
18   198   MUHIČ   ZVONE   1969   SLO   SPRINT NOVO MESTO   0:29:11.6
19   92   CUFER   UROS   1970   SLO      0:29:13.9
20   93   MAHMUTOVIĆ   NERMIN   1971   SLO   KK ZAVRŠNICA   0:29:14.0
21   197   PETAVS   STANE   1969   SLO   Radenska   0:29:30.3
22   277   ERJAVEC   VALENTIN   1968   SLO   Avtotehna Vis   0:29:34.5
23   194   MIKLAVČIČ   MITJA   1968   SLO   KK Postojna   0:30:35.6
24   87   CEPEC   MIRO   1968   SLO   SKB   0:31:48.0
25   96   MANDELJ   GORAZD   1970   SLO      0:33:02.0
26   208   ŠMUC   GREGOR   1969   SLO   Peugeot Slovenija   0:34:44.5

I am very very happy, with couple of more treshold training 27 minutes I think it is realistic time next year, which opens me 40km under one hour big dream 8) I dont have a chance to do TT here, next one is nationals. real strong dudes goes under 25, 26 min.
As for equipment, skin suit, and rear disc cover would help also, but training is all.
Mine left arms rest broke completely so I was having trouble keeping elbow on pad, but duct tape rocks.

First half of course was tail wind with easy over 50km, max spd 53km, but second half was real pain, I mean legs are screaming, but TT is all about pain.
I was talking with some big German SOB who passed me, he told me that he was thinking that he is Fabian on first half, but when back he realized the he is not ;D.
I had some time at the end to watch elite guys, they are really giving everything, and when I see those pain on their faces, awesome 8)

Nice inside of how they doing warm up, coach advice that I heard, equipment, body position, And was hearing elite coach screaming from car when he followed rider: "Move that ass all the time dude" ;D nice really.

Oh yes, my bike after some nationalistic jokes with judges, passed UCI control on that jig thing.
Next year for sure :wave

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