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Re: The Dodgy Team Staff Thread - A work in progress
« on: October 29, 2012, 14:48 »
Is it worth marking which of those you've listed are "reformed" characters. Forgive me for returning to my tried-and-tested line of "past behaviour is no indication of current behaviour", but I've seen Madiot hailed alongside JV as someone known for running a clean team. (Unless I've been misreading things...).

It certainly doesn't seem fair to tar JV - who is open about his past and his present, and is running a clean team - with the same brush as Bruyneel or Riis.

The JV Question was raised yesterday, but the list isnt just about "which teams are dirty", just a demonstration of how many people in the sport have a "past". My personal view as it has been all along is that Sky's approach may not be the right one.

A case in point: BMC

they have a whole host of incredibly suspect staff, but conversely, actually, on the surface appear to be one of the cleaner teams. Young guys like Phinney speaking up, but ive also heard interesting rumours from several sources that new signings such as Hushovd and Gilbert were actually told prior to signing NOT to dope. Now wether or not this was because Ochs and co were worried about the extent of the USADA investigation, or wether its because they are genuinly trying to create a clean environment on the team is one that will be debated.

The point is, BMC could make a huge statement and gain themselves huge amounts of credibility in the eyes of the fans, press etc, if key members such as Ochs, Lelangue, Testa, or Sciandri were to come out and say "look guys, this is what we all did in the past, we arent proud of it, but we are being open, and we are trying now to move forward with a clean approach".

Its not about which team is dirty, which team is clean, which staff have dodgy pasts, but about which staff perhaps need to come forward, admit to their past, and express a desire to change the sport.
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