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Re: The Dodgy Team Staff Thread - A work in progress
« on: October 29, 2012, 15:22 »
Someone posted a link to this thread on the bmc facebook page.

their response

It's not our place to censure things, Philip. But we will point out that the credibility of that list is undermined by the numerous spelling errors in many of the posts.

My response

the spelling errors are my fault,I wrote the initial post and i do suffer mild mental health issues and struggle with spelling. My bad. I will do my best to go through and correct the spelling errors.

I will say something which I have re-iterated in the post but will say it here for those following the link. The list is in now way meant to be an accusation of which teams are "dirty" or "clean" etc, but a demonstration of how the sport in every time, inevitably has links to the past, links we cant escape from.

Its my personal opinion, based on comments by guys like Taylor Phinney, but also on things ive heard on the grapevine that BMC are one of the teams that are doing their best to drive forward in a positive way (if you'll excuse the pun), and do the right thing by the sport. Huge numbers of people in the sport have a past, from guys like Vaughters and Dave Millar who are now a vocal part of the Anti Doping fight, to guys like Bobby Jullich, dismissed from Sky (I believe wrongly) for admitting his past.

The list demonstrates just how many people have a past, whether it be through doping themselves as a rider, being part of a dubious team setup, or merely by association, but i think the sport has a great opportunity right now. Teams or individuals that come forward and say "yes, we might have done this in the past" or "I did some things im not proud of but i want things to be different" will get the full support of the fans, and if anything, fans will have a greater respect for them for being open and honest about the "dark times" and showing a desire to genuinely change things for the future.

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