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just thought it might be cool to list some of the better guided cycling tours people have done.  Anything from a multi-day cross Europe thing down to a 2 hours around a capital city.

Share the info of any that had you coming home talking about how great it was. 
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    To start, the inspiration for this thread was a tour I did in Bogota 2 days ago.  It was run by these guys:

    The guide was Mike, an American (South Cal) journalist who has live in S.Am. for 12 years and Bogota for 4.  Bikes are quite average in quality but the seats are all in good order and mechanically they seem reliable.  There were some very short uphills and the bikes coped fine.  Ride was about 4 and a half hours (of very easy pedalling and lots of stopping) and took us around a lot of interesting parts of the city.  Significantly for me, they were mainly parts that my wife had never considered interesting enough to show me.  On the contrary, I had an awesome time and learned a massive amount about the city.  Everything from the city´s foundation square in 1538 to its ´Foundation square´a year or so later in a better location.

    Areas covered were from Candelaria down to Tercer Millenia park (reclaimed from one of the worst slum areas into a lovely clean park) via many interesting back streets and museums etc, up and across to the bull ring via some illegal markets and joined the Ciclovia (more on that in another thread I think) to head up to the National Park in town (Western Edge is inside the city itself) where we stopped for drinks, fruit and a chat about Colombia´s history.  Then generally west I think to take us through some really interesting anonymous streets past things such as the house of Gaitan, the ´help for pregnant mothers´district, the ´Tolerance Zone for High Impact Activities´ (red light district) and back towards the start via the cemeteries, including some amazing annecdotes about some of the tombs there.

    From there we went to some side streets and were offered tastes of around 20 fruits that I have never heard of - amazing - and then finished off back at the shop.  The riding was amazing as the traffic is as you would expect - entertaining to say the least.  The pace was very sedate but the concentration was intense.

    Mike´s perspective made it a really interesting journey as coming from a journalist background he had deep knowledge about some otherwise obscure topics in the city´s history.  I know the odds are not great of most members making it to Bogota but hey, you never know!
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    My wife and I took a week long "Bike-barge" tour of Northern Holland. The cycling was very easy...geared for the non-avid cyclist. We rode about 30+ easy miles a day stopping in charming towns for lunch and sightseeing. The accommodations on the barge were surprisingly comfortable. The group that we happened share the tour with were mostly Americans who were more into having a good time than a good ride (plenty of drinking).
    The Holland countryside was fantastic. All in all it was fun. I would only do a cycling tour again, however, if I knew the other participants were a bit more on the serious side when it comes to cycling.
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    Hated the idea of riding a crappy MTB around a smoggy city until my gf booked something behind my back and I loved it in the end. I'm a convert now. Best way to see a town, I think.

    This was that inaugural tour: an evening run around Madrid, which had some cool technical bits which were exciting even for a former roadie like me:

    <URL dead>

    That one was really funny because the guy who ran it was a Swiss ex-banker and a personal friend of Toni Rominger. Cool guy but he didn't appreciate my doping questions...

    Couple of excellent bike tours (one of which was bike-and-kayak) in and around Lisbon last year:

    <URL dead>
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