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Re: Rugby...for those who like odd shaped balls
« Reply #180 on: September 19, 2015, 09:34 »
Well, thank goodness it was Fiji.

The biggest causes for concern are:

1 the scrum - if we play like that against say, South Africa, we will get penalised into oblivion. All they'll need to do is drop the ball, win a penalty at the subsequent scrum, and march up the field.

2. The breakdown - we didn't win anything, we lost loads - most top teams will turrn turnover ball into points.

3. Lack of on-the-field management - England made huge progress when sending big men up the 12 channel. They did it in two drives but didn't really seem to incorporate this into a change of strategy, it just sort of occurred and then they tried something else. If the fringes are protected and if the ball gets passed down the line to a winger confronted by 3 opposition backs, the gaps must be elsewhere. You've got to earn the right to go wide, otherwise you're running into trouble with no support.
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