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We're through.... how did that happen and I don't buy the Japan faded bit, every game is played for 80 minutes every team is prepped to play for that 80 minutes, if the situation were reversed, Scotland wouldn't get a sniff of using the "FADED" excuse from the media, pundits or any other nation's rugby fans.

I do feel sorry for Japan but that's the way tournaments like this go.

Scotland have been a big surprise to me and a very pleasant one, I think we have a good future with this group of players. Wales have been good and I'm sure Ireland got better last night after they lost O'Connell, O'Mahoney and Sexton, England didn't deserve to go through.... they have been poor.... or maybe they just faded too!!

Do you change the format,?? Yes I think so, plate comp would be great but sort these seedings out but I think these groups have given us a fantastic tournament so far, the fact that none of the scores have been the astronomic scorelines of the past is brilliant, there's been some standout games, Ireland France last night was fantastic.

Anyway.... we now have next weekend to look forward to....... well some of us...  #scotland #scotland #scotland
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