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As it happens, I don't think Robshaw was necessarily wrong to push for the match-winning try rather than the match-drawing kick. It was going to be an absurdly difficult kick, even for the best players. Wales quite rightly didn't contest in the air and so were ready with their defence as soon as the catcher was on the floor. Should Robshaw have seen that coming... maybe. If Ford or Farrell had said "let me kick at goal" - with the sort of confidence that Wilkinson would have shown in a similar situation - would he have let them?

We'll have to agree to differ. I was holding my head in my hands, howling "Nooooooooooooooooo", the moment I saw Ford with the ball in hand; it's not just a case of hindsight. England had achieved nothing of note with any line out up to that point; and both Farrell and Biggar hadn't looked like missing any kicks, some of which were as difficult if not more so, albeit under less pressure. That's why they're in the team.

I love brilliant plans. Can't wait to hear yours.
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