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We'll have to agree to differ. I was holding my head in my hands, howling "Nooooooooooooooooo", the moment I saw Ford with the ball in hand; it's not just a case of hindsight. England had achieved nothing of note with any line out up to that point; and both Farrell and Biggar hadn't looked like missing any kicks, some of which were as difficult if not more so, albeit under less pressure. That's why they're in the team.

I love brilliant plans. Can't wait to hear yours.

 It wasn't necessarily the wrong plan, just the wrong throw.
Front of the line out? I mean if you gamble, gamble, don't go for the safest (and by far the easiest to defend) option.
As for not looking like missing a kick; Biggar hadn't, right up until he missed a relatively easy, third shot against Oz.
Had that happened to Farrell, I pretty sure hindsight would have fed folks opinions in favour of taking the line out.

 I think it's a bit unfair to distill issues such as captaincy down to a single issue.
Maybe the simpler question is better: Is Robshaw good enough? Judging from the back row play we have witnessed other top nations, the answer would be a straight forward no.

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We're through.... how did that happen and I don't buy the Japan faded bit, every game is played for 80 minutes every team is prepped to play for that 80 minutes, if the situation were reversed, Scotland wouldn't get a sniff of using the "FADED" excuse from the media, pundits or any other nation's rugby fans.

So, you don't see a 4 day turn around for players that have turn in the biggest performance of their lives as an issue effecting their performance against a second straight, top team?

I certainly do. I'm pretty certain that Wales faded quite noticeably against Fiji in their second half.

I'm not saying that given a few more days for recovery, Japan would have beaten Scotland, just that they would have been more competitive over the eighty minutes and folded completely, like they did.
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