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I was fortunate to go to see the Scotland Australia game, my voice is still hoarse from shouting even now.

Bizarrely, I didn't want to see the game at all and had already passed up an opportunity for tickets; who's going to pay a small fortune to see a one-sided slaughter? But the good Lady Cavman texted mid-week to ask whether I was up for Ireland Argentina and I said yes and she sorted out all the arrangements, who was coming with us to the match, where we were staying etc. It was only as we were nearing the ground that it struck us that there were a surprising number of fans wearing canary yellow driza-bones.

In the ground I'd estimate the crowd make up was 20% Oz, 30% Scot and 50% neutral wondering why they'd paid so much to see this one. As the match went on, every single neutral got behind the Scots and got behind them in a ferocious way that I've not seen the Twickenham crowd ever do for England. We even droned, 'Scoooooooootlund' in a Scottish accent.

I have to disagree with MV that the Australians looked ordinary, to me they looked at least 2 classes better than the Scots, the speed with which they recycled and distributed was breathtaking. How Laidlaw got MoM when Genia was light years ahead of him in all facets of the game is a bit of a mystery. However the great thing about sport is that sometimes the weaker team wins, and thanks to the Australians botching two certain tries, missing a load of kicks and gifting the Scots two interception tries, the Scots should have won. That they didn't, is partly due to Mr Joubert but mostly due to the Scots' own inability to see out the last three minutes in a clinical, professional manner.

But anyway, without a doubt the best sporting occasion I've ever accidentally been to.
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