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Re: Rugby...for those who like odd shaped balls
« Reply #30 on: February 03, 2013, 09:17 »
Captain, I think North has to be that man for Wales, every time he gets the ball, the crowd respond and they need to find a way to get the ball to him in a bit of space as often as possible.  However, am I alone in thinking Cuthbert is pretty hopeless?  Yes he's big and fast, but I've thought for a while that's he crap defensively.  At fault for the first try, and he missed countless tackles in the autumn - for such a big guy, he tackles like a piece of wet tissue paper. 

Re. Scotland scrum half - Pyrgos was on the bench and came on near the end.  Laidlaw has been playing well at 9 in the Pro12 and had a pretty good game I thought.  Kelly Brown to my mind has always been more of a 6 - not sure what has happened to John Barclay  :?

With Goode, I do like him  as a player, but wish he would back himself to run it a bit more as he has great feet, rather than just kicking it.  However, he seems to have developed the tendency to run forward a bit, and then do a little 'hop' - almost a fake sidestep, but then doesn't go through with the sidestep...bit odd, and rather ineffective. 
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