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Re: Rugby...for those who like odd shaped balls
« Reply #30 on: February 04, 2013, 10:02 »
Captain, I think North has to be that man for Wales, every time he gets the ball, the crowd respond and they need to find a way to get the ball to him in a bit of space as often as possible.  However, am I alone in thinking Cuthbert is pretty hopeless?  Yes he's big and fast, but I've thought for a while that's he crap defensively.  At fault for the first try, and he missed countless tackles in the autumn - for such a big guy, he tackles like a piece of wet tissue paper. 

Re. Scotland scrum half - Pyrgos was on the bench and came on near the end.  Laidlaw has been playing well at 9 in the Pro12 and had a pretty good game I thought.  Kelly Brown to my mind has always been more of a 6 - not sure what has happened to John Barclay  :?

With Goode, I do like him  as a player, but wish he would back himself to run it a bit more as he has great feet, rather than just kicking it.  However, he seems to have developed the tendency to run forward a bit, and then do a little 'hop' - almost a fake sidestep, but then doesn't go through with the sidestep...bit odd, and rather ineffective.
I agree that big George is electric but it doesn't seem to galvanise his team mates like you would hope or expect. Interesting you should raise the Cuthbert issue but one of Wales' problems seems to me to be a lack of variety in their backline threat. They're all big, very big, from 9 to 14. Where's the elusive runner? the great handler? the mercurial kicker?. France tried this a while ago and found that teams found it pretty easy to nullify that threat especially if given time to train for it.

Laidlaw did fine with not a lot, but I never thought he was going to create any problems or warranted special attention. Fine is probably not good enough when you haven't got anything else outside you. Barclay is injured but managed to lose his place to Ross Rennie last year, who is also injured. Follows a pattern of Scottish players making a big impact initially  but then falling away somewhat. maybe because the other Scottish talent is so sparse that oppositions can give them special treatment once  they realise the threat.

Goode, Foden, Brown, it's a nice problem to have at Fullback but putting one of them on the wing doesn't solve it.

Delon Armitage. Glad he was mentioned because when he broke into the England team, he was simply awesome. He caught everything, glided past players like they weren't really trying and kicked like a howitzer. All he needed to do was learn how to play his position and England would have had someone who made Serge Blanco look a bit clumsy. He was messed about position-wise but he hasn't realised a fraction of his potential and that must be mainly down to attitude. Maybe his time in France will sort him out. Let's hope so, it's tragic to see so much talent go to waste.
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