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Oooo! Some interesting and fancy new graphic studies of wind resistance - actually REALLY looks interesting!

BTW, just took a quick run through the paper. Nothing earth-shattering - not really anything new - EXCEPT the amount of protection a rider in the back of the peloton gets. Quite a bit more than is "common knowledge" (about 30% vs 5% as much energy output).

Which I can relate to. I did the nationals one year (Masters), and was lucky to manage to stay in the peloton. I was a bit farther up - not all the way at the back - I tended to prefer the first third if i could be there. If I had stuck my nose in the wind for even one turn - even if I had pulled off as fast as I hit the front - I would have been gone gone gone. As it was I flatted near the end. Just as well - it was a flat race and the finish was carnage. As I rolled in I passed several riders who had crashed out in the bunch gallop. One of the Stetina brothers was there - either Peter's[1] dad or his uncle - I don't recall. I felt honored just to be able to say I was IN it.

Oh - and the graphics ARE very good.
 1. I had "Phinney" here - a real brain bomb. Don't know what I was thinking, or NOT thinking. In my defense I could say that Davis Phinney and the Stetina brothers, Wayne and Dale, were pretty much the same generation.
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