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I noticed in the front shoutbox that t-72 was grumbling about internal cable routing.

This is something that annoys me too. One of my bikes has an internal rear brake cable while the gear cables remain external: it was probably the last generation to feature those. The other is completely internal.

Recently I went to the LBS and had them refresh the cables on the all-internal bike. I started with the intention of completing the job myself but, not being someone with a deep reservoir of patience, I gave up pretty quickly.

Long story long, the LBS screwed it up too. One cable somehow got wrapped around another inside the frame and shifting was a joke. Should have taken a ride around the block before going home with the bike, lesson learned, but I didn't expect a pro mechanic to mess up like that.

Apparently there are special magnetic tools to help with it but I don't know what I'm going to do next time I have to do that job. I really want to have another shot at it myself.
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