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We've talked, or at least I have, in various locations, about various improvements in knowledge that add up to REAL marginal gains. At least, since I was racing, back in the dark ages before EPO and click shifting. Several of those posts have been in the Dark Side, but this does not belong there.

It does represent and advancement in training knowledge, certainly since I was racing, and I think it will be also for most of us here in the forum. Based on conversations during races, anyway.

Spinning vs grinding - the best cadence for climbing:

One thing the vid does not mention is rider capacity. One thing I found when I was racing was that some riders had better muscle capacity, and some had better aerobic capacity. Better aerobic capacity led to more spinning. Better muscle capacity led to a slower cadence for climbing.

One point that I thought real interesting? Was that the physio dude said the've found the efficiency difference between spinning and grinding goes away at higher effort levels. Which contributes towards explaining why Contador always danced, and still managed to deliver.
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