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Re: Introduce yourself
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My name is Scott, I live in Southern Cailfornia.  I, too, am coming over from the CN forum.  This is only the second forum of any kind I have ever participated in.

Mea Culpa, I used to think a certain 7time TdF winner was all that and a bag of potato chips.  Once I actually read some of the info available it became pretty clear what the real story was... And continues to be.

I own a small business.  I am married for almost 20 years, no children, lots of animals.

I have cycled since I was a little kid.  I was a professional athlete in the 1980's and suffered a couple major knee injuries that made it difficult to cross-train by running.... So my fist real road bike was a Nishiki w/campy... Era 1983 or so.

I have been racing my bike for fun since the mid 90's.  Never too seriously as I have developed a taste for world class beer and that seems to be a priority.

My wife and I (after 15 years of talking about it) finally decided to go to Belgium to watch the Ronde and later Paris -Roubaix in 2008.  We have both fallen in love with Flanders, the Belgian people, the racing... We have made friends in Belgium now that we keep in contact with and look forward to seeing every year now.  We also get to travel to other places as well but somehow keep going back to Brugge.

So, in 2010, I was able to do the RvV Cyclo.... Just awesome.  Soooo much fun.  I was able to do it last year (along with the Paris-Roubaix Challenge) and will do it again this year.  Probably the most fun I have ever had on a bicycle.

Anyways, a little about me...

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