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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #150 on: January 27, 2012, 17:24 »
Yo guys

Name is boomcie, I'm Belgian. Like Scott this is only the second forum I have joined. I don't even have a Facebook-account. Do own a Twitter account as of late: @Amsterhammer (not so funny to most apparently).

I've been very interested in cycling since I was about 16 years old approx. I studied communications and did my Master's thesis on "doping and cycling in Flemish newspapers". I joined that other cycling forum because I wanted to interact with people about cycling on another level.  I joined this place because I like the approach behind it. Looking forward to see how it'll pan out.

Lately have been getting involved in some juvenile stuff. Loving that as well. My reputation is currently in the sewers --> am looking to rehabilitate that somewhere in the distant future, please bare with me.

@D_T: Welcome buddy, you really want animo?   :D

Good to see some of the nice CN people on here. Welcome all.

Ps: bring back smiting!  :o (Führer smiley is hilarious)

Hilarious  ;D
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  • Despite the self-serving data benders and associated propaganda to the contrary, I am led to believe that there are pockets of organised, highly sophisticated dopers, even within 'new age' cycling teams. Personally, I don't accept that the 'dark era' has ended, it has just morphed into a new guise.


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