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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #180 on: January 28, 2012, 07:46 »
It's kinda weird to have everyone from the old forum on this new forum.  Weird but nice.  Thanks to blutto for the prompting.

I just reached in to my suitcase of medical preparation and chose an avatar. 

Now we just need a  few obtrusive ads, it'll be just like home.

We would have come looking for you had you not shown up..... :D
everyone is moving along nicely.... ;D

I also think it is important that the forum does not become CN new and develops a klick we should encourage all cycling fans so this can become the cycling forum, with the different languages, great software and the chat for race days this place could be huge

anyways all imo of course


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  • Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014


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