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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #30 on: January 24, 2012, 03:12 »
And we already have the corrupt cop again  ;)

On CNF you may have succeeded in expelling the 2 former members who notoriously  defected to the Colombians in the Boogerd wars of 05.

But without several high ranking members of the organizatsya such as Francois, youngest and Dekker Tifosi,  the position is looking weak, especially since  Cartel Don   DAOTEC aka Solo Mono aka Spanglish   aka "El Senor de los interwebs"   is not exiled from this  new country and is free to come set up operations. Likewise  chief enforcer Ryo "El Animal" Hazuki   is free to join him.

The mafioso does not fear a colombian uprising. We encourage other families to have a presence, as long as these people understand who really hold the power on the internetz there is no problem here.

As for ryo, he could have been great in the dutch mafioso... but he choose a life of exile, failure and dissapointment; to be fair those being the core attributes of a dutchman maybe all is not lost.

But the Mafioso is stronger then ever, don't let the transparency of our greatness fool you.

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