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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #30 on: January 24, 2012, 03:44 »
Vandenberg, from Sydney.
Looks like this forum has formed from CN or somesuch, seems like there's a core group come from somewhere else that all seem to know each other already.
So what does velorooms have to offer that can't be found elsewhere?

Yep, think this forum was started due to a number of people that were fed up with the cycling news forum.

I am Dave, and contrary to the name am no longer in Zambia but in Sydney (still use the name as do not have a good enough memory to remember more than 1 signon). After 15 years away rediscovered my love of cycling (both watching and riding) a couple of years ago, largely down to arrival of Team Sky.

I ride a Malvern star (choice was entirely based on the interest free offer that came with it) which my wife already terms the gift that keeps on giving due to the constant need for upgrades, clothes, toys etc etc

Mainly hang around the cyclingnews forums for insider info on teams / riders from people who know (or pretend to know) far more than me, and race info.

thought i would check this place out as a number of people had moved over.

oh and i still need my daily dose of the Random World of Krebs
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