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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #60 on: January 25, 2012, 15:36 »
Actually you know that's very curious: you hit on something I was feeling my way towards too while browsing here. Mewmewmew13 already suggested in the Shoutbox that young Boomcie take the opportunity to mature a little in this forum, given his history of bannage "over there". How many other users will similarly "make a fresh start" with VeloRooms? Joining up here is a moment of tabula rasa, a sort of poetic redemption.

In essence everyone gets a complete clean slate when they join up. So we won't take into account banning histories and such from other sites

Wow, Barry: you did exactly the same honours as I!

I never qualified as an advocate because I had already decided not to bother after becoming disillusioned as an assistant on a particularly difficult rape and child abuse case.

The criminology stuff I was particularly fond of but it seemed ominous to me that all my profs resembled the people they studied: broken homes and alcoholism.

Anyway I decided to get out of academe right after graduating and then after selling banks and forming a few disgusting corporations and public-private partnerships, I bridged into technology. It was still a time when you could still do that easily.

Well, it is a bit different, I specialized in international public law and the criminology is a specific master cocnerning international crimes. So it did not really have to do with broken homes and such and child abuse, but mroe with genocide, mass rape and other systemic human rights violations. I am actually looking to remain in academia and would like to get a phd position or some other research position ( I would not really like to be either a defense attorney or a public prosecutor in these types of cases, mainly because of the gruesome nature of many of these acts)
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