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Re: Introduce yourself
« Reply #90 on: January 25, 2012, 18:44 »
Well Many of you know me already... Ryaguas From the CN...

24yo, Petroleum Engineer but unemployed, the global crisis is killing me... no one wants an starter  :'( anyway... focusing in my master degree, trying to have fun... The mafioso rejected my application long ago... so I'm stading in the neutral zone in this war of the families... until some of them wants to recruit me 8)

Nice to see all those great ppl, that I already knew from CN, here... a shame that Timmy change his name =( hope to get Ryo to this new home, plz dont call DAOTEC I cant stand that guy or girl... bah...

Great work Dim! a nice place you have here...!  ;)

u should Start a southern european affiliated mafia (you know the dirty doping countries :D).. :P
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