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Re: What bike computer do you use?
« on: June 05, 2012, 03:00 »
Incidentally, for those with Garmin Edge 500s.  The latest firmware upgrade (v3.0) includes 2 more pages of data fields for training, taking it up to 5 configurable pages with up to 8 fields visible on each.  Supposedly they have also made a number of other improvements including fixing defects in the courses section.  (THe only issue I ever have with courses is that after a few hours, when I change pages the device switches off and I have to restart it.   Dont know if this is fixed by the upgrade)

oh cool do i just plug into laptop to upgrade? have not used it for a while (as been off the bike) so have not plugged in either

never quite got the hang of the courses thing. think it got confused by my figure of 8 cycle route
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