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Re: Retirement announcements
« Reply #480 on: September 11, 2017, 20:37 »
#joker Adrian Aas Stien retires


The guy from Joker's succesful 2015 vintage that didn't quite make it into WT, despite good results in Tour de Bretagne, Tour de Normandie and quite a few other races and generally being part of maybe the best conti team in Norway since Boasson-Hagen + Kristoff 7 years.

I post it here for its insight into what causes a young rider to retire. In Norwegian so I know not everyone can read it (maybe google translate can?) #joker is one of cyclings major talent factories (his team picture from two years ago now count a lot of WT riders  (well, prove me wrong after the worlds..) but not everyone can take the step up to Pro-Conti or WT level. In a larger picture, that's life, but for an individual, his perspective:

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