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Re: Football
« Reply #60 on: February 01, 2012, 14:36 »
AmsterH, whats the situation with mounir el Hamdaoui? he going to fiorentina?

Dear God.

You couldn't make it up. After all parties concerned, especially that utter *&%# himself and his equally *&%#ish agent had the entire month to sort something out, it all fell apart literally at the 11th hour.

According to the player and his agent, the deal collapsed because Fiorentina could not supply the bank guarantee that Ajax wanted. According to Ajax, that's bullsh!t. The club says that MaH and his agent demanded extra payments and considerations for his 'loss of reputation' during the final discussions about the cancelling of his contract with Ajax, at the 11th hour, after everything had been agreed between Ajax, La Viola and the player.

So, he will now stay in the youth squad till the summer, continuing to collect a ridiculous salary for fornicate all. >:( We are all praying that we can maybe now get rid of him to Turkey or Russia, but he'll probably refuse to go.

He is by far the most hated Ajax 'player' since I have started following the club in 1989.

edited to add - Fiorentina now also say that not only did Ajax ask for a bank guarantee when Italian banks were already closed (after 18:30), but that Ajax also did not fax the signed contract back before the Italian transfer deadline of 19:00!

In view of what we know about the complete idiots who are running Ajax at the moment, it is perfectly possible that this deal broke down due to their ignorance of Italian customs and closing times. Seems incredible, but there it is. :-[
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