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Re: Football
« Reply #210 on: February 27, 2012, 02:20 »
I thought my last post needed to be separate. ;)

I've had the most stunning day of football! In fact, the only single result that spoiled my weekend was the Hammer's 0-0 on Saturday. Shame I don't gamble, I could have cleaned up.

Ajax kicked off at 12:30, so after their 4-1 win away, I switched straight over to Arsenal-Spurs (while keeping an eye on K-B-K) and saw the Gooners come from 0-2 down to beat their (and our) big enemy 5-2. Then over to AZ-Heerenveen, where the best result for Ajax was a draw - finished 3-3 (and saw the last kms of K-B-K)! That was 18 goals in three games. :D Saw the first half of Napoli-Inter while waiting for Barca to start - Inter lost, I hate Inter! :P

To top this off, Barca won a difficult away game, one they simply had to win, with the goal in my previous post, scored by a player who has given me more pleasure than any other in the half century that I have been watching the beautiful game.

'Hog heaven' doesn't even come close to the day I had today. 8)
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