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Re: Football
« Reply #1350 on: May 08, 2013, 12:07 »
One of the greatest managers of all time. Fergie got United through a rough time and leaves them in a pretty good position, with the debt coming down fast and a lot of money coming in from sponsorship deals. Perhaps it'll be a couple of tough years for them, but United is such a financial powerhouse, that's not going to change. And with FFP troubling City and Chelsea, United may continue to dominate.

Mourinho would be quite funny as manager, somewhere deep down I hope it happens. Would mean 2 great years for United with probably a CL title somewhere, and then complete and utter misery when the team falls apart. As a kind-of-neutral follower of English football, it would be glorious to see. Moyes is probably the right choice though, he has the attitude and ability. I do wonder whether United will be patient enough with him: he may need 2 or 3 years to adjust before bringing in the trophies. Klopp seems like a great option as well, he's mentioned often as the 3rd possibility, but will he leave Dortmund?

Perhaps the best option would be to have an experienced manager for 2 years while a next generation is getting ready to take over. Heynckes as coach, while a club man like Solskjaer, Gary Neville or even Giggs could be assistant for a couple of years before taking over?
Also, isn't it possible Manchester United to a Barcelona and promote the current assistant? I haven't heard Phelan being mentioned as a realistic option anywhere?
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