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Kali helmets are in the news with a supposedly new absorption technology making it "multi-impact".

So they are putting plenty of spin on it. One kvetch I'll make, and then ask my question. They say this is "new". It's not. Multiple impact capacity and varied foam density was employed and on the market 35 years ago and more. Mfrs used closed cell foam instead of polystyrene. It was probably too expensive compared to the potential benefit, and probably lost out in the market. I'll bet you can still find it in rock-climbing helmets, tho.

But here's my question. Does anybody know what materials Kali are using to achieve the claimed results? They say they are using a powder, and calling it "Nano Technology". I think that is a marketing ploy, and not true nanotechnology, but I don't know.

I'd like to find out more about what they are using - or how they are using it. Anybody know anything? Their website tells me what I've just told you - not more.

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