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Currently it seems that the major players are still:

SRM - Pro and serious amateur usage
PowerTap - Amateur usage

Lesser known, used ones:
Quark - Amateur usage
iBike - Amateur usage
Ergomo- bankrupt, off the market now.

New Players:
Garmin Metrigear
Brimm Bros

Any others that people know of?

Comments on their usage, popularity, functionality & performance would be interesting.

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  • Kmoorejr

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    I have a PowerTap. Changed out the computer and went with the Garmin 500 to get GPS. Like my set up. Interested in Quarq because it is crank based. Then I could play with wheel setups more.
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  • JA.T

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    I have PTap with standard "brain".

    Re: OP I understand that a number of pros use acknowledge that SRM seems more prevalent.

    For the most part am happy with PT. Very occasionally have a time/power/torque glitch. I use both PowerAgent (PTap software) and Golden Cheetah (freeware...very adaptable). The GC allows modification of data to correct above mentioned errors.

    Aside: Any thoughts on Garmin 500 vs 800 vs other possibility for a "brain"?

    ta js

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    I had the 800 for a bit.  I did not get the map data, so it was not all that useful.  Would be great if you are in a town where you are not familiar with the roads or if you go off road frequently. Unfortunately, the 800 died on me, and my LBS returned it for the 500.  Love the 500.  Once Garmin updates the firmware for TSS, it will be a complete computer.
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  • Martin318is

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    I had a powertap for about a year in 2007 - rented it on a monthly basis in England.  USed the powertap head unit and it was very good for the interval training I was doing, etc.

    Have since got a Garmin 500 as my bike computer - split over 3 bikes where the race bike has the speed / cadence sensor and the other bikes just use GPS (Commuting and MTB)

    For a while last year I had a Quarq on the race bike.  Really liked having the power values back and its great to be able to use multiple wheels without losing data capability.  VERY easy to keep calibrated and overall a great bit of kit.  However, I hadn't paid for it and the family could find better things to do with the money so I am back with just the Garmin 500 and thats it.

    Regarding the 500 vs the 800, I think that the 500 is a good racing computer that gives you configurable data you need without taking up too much in terms of hand positions, etc.  The 800 gives you mapping etc but its a more bulky unit.  The weight doesnt worry me much but the bulk does.
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