How much did your bike cost vs distance ridden on it so far? Cost ÷ miles (or KM)

Less than a pound, dollar, euro
Less than 5 pounds, 5 dollars, 5 euro's
Less than 10 £$€
Less than 30 £$€
Less than 50
Less than 100
Less than 300
Less than 500
Less than 1000
Less than 3000
My chain cost 6000 quid, I used it for an hour.

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BTW, historically important bikes don't go onto a home walls, they get pinned up in their own church. Ask any Italian.
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  • Sauna in Duvel

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    P.s. Adrian Timmis bought back his TDF ANC  Peugeot bike and restored it. A pretty photogenic bike as you'd probably remember the Time Trial pics of him going through the sunflower fields on it with Campag rear disc wheel.
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    Looks nice, but I have to say that I prefer the following images of Roche's bike   :D

     . . .

    Pretty nice. Steel is always amazingly resilient and durable. However, I would never ride 30 year old tires. Afaik, after about 5 years, a tire is irretrievably aged and no longer quite safe, even under the best storage conditions. I know I just threw out a couple of 15 year+ old tires that were never ridden, and always stored in the dark - but the sidewalls on one were all crusty and gummy, and the tread rubber on the other gone quite hard. Not to be trusted, I think.

    But a nice vid! Fun.
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  • . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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    Ive done 10-15 on a number of occasions, but the most I ever did was 20lbs. Ive seen people cut more and can only imagine how much it sucked. I know I spent a few hours at the gym going in and out of the sauna the day of weigh ins
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