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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #60 on: April 20, 2016, 10:07 »
If you follow the team on twitter you'll notice they refer to him as their Viking, and I thought surely there weren't Estonian Vikings? A quick google later and it seems that there were. Oeselians to be precise.

Quote from: Wikipedia
The Oeselians were a historical subdivision of Estonians inhabiting Saaremaa, an Estonian island in the Baltic Sea (the island which Raim is from).

The Oeselians were known in the Old Norse Icelandic Sagas and in Heimskringla as Víkingr frá Esthland (English: vikings from Estonia). They were summarized in the Livonian Rhymed Chronicle thus: "The Oeselians, neighbors to the Kurs (Curonians), are surrounded by the sea and never fear strong armies as their strength is in their ships. In summers when they can travel across the sea they oppress the surrounding lands by raiding both Christians and pagans."

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