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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #90 on: June 25, 2016, 20:07 »

The Israeli Nats went according to the script (mostly, but see below). No embarrassing defeat to a young upstart this year.

Quote from: Cycling Academy
The team clear goal was to use the small hills on each lap to break the peloton to pieces. It took about 2 laps before there intensity took a toll on their rivals.

Each of the riders took turns in putting pressure.

But way into the first lap it was pretty clear who is the strongest rider: it was Aviv Yecheskel who was making the moves, attacking and breaking away. Still, we asked him to hold a bit for his teammates.

In the last lap he (Yecheskel) was given the green light to go, riding solo in the last 15 km. It seemed that nobody can beat him...

...... But never say never. The never surrender defending champion Guy Sagiv got rid of the last rival on his wheel and started chasing his teammate and best friend. He vowed before the race that he will do everything to defend the jersey. And he meant every word.

Guy Sagiv did the impossible, closing a huge gap and passed Aviv in the last 200 meters. It was a dramatic win by a rider that never gives up.

Yecheskel wasn't too happy immediately after the finish. Whether it was the early team orders or Sagiv chasing him down right at the end or a combination of the two. Anyway he "expressed his emotions in an inappropriate manner."

He apologised though and the pair of them kissed and made up.

The other winner so far was Malovec, who won the Slovak U23 TT title. Not sure we'll get to see a funky jersey for him though due to the lack of potential times he'll get to wear it (possibly never).

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