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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #90 on: June 27, 2016, 19:09 »
Some more details about the victory in Mexico.

Quote from: Luis Lemus
" The race started with 10 laps of a 2 Km circuit, and a break of 15 riders went away, we knew it wasn't really dangerous, we can afford up to 5 min before the climb.

The last climb was really long, 35 km, and more than 1 hr, also the heat was a big factor today, so keeping calm and keep drinking and eating before the climb was really important, so I did that, and stayed focus on the climb.

I felt pretty good, as the climb started the attacks started and I was on a group of 5 that caught the 3 last riders of the break like 10 k on the climb, I was dropped from 2 other guys a bit later, but I knew it was a long way to go, so I just kept my own pace, and stayed focus on it.

I caught them back, dropped 1 rider, so it was just me and my cousin in the front, but he wasn't feeling good, so I left him behind like 13 k to the top, from there to the finish it was just a TT, measuring the effort, and as Nicki told me , dreaming of that great place that is the finish line.

I kept control with my SRM, to not go over the red and crack, I had about a minute to a lonely chaser, and I won for a min, during the last km I could enjoy it a but more, I clapped to myself, I was really happy, I even start thinking of my new Jersey, about having the jersey in Europe and with the Cycling Academy Logo".
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