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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #150 on: October 30, 2016, 20:31 »

Czech rider Dan Turek will become Israel Cycling Academies lone original rider, as he survives the cruel but necessary cuts as the team moves to compete at the Pro continental level next season.

In a clear indication of the difficulties facing cyclists to fulfill their dream of advancing to the top level in pro cycling, none of the Academies core of 12 riders except Turek who raced in the teams inaugural season will wear its uniform in 2017.

“We owe so much to the riders who started our journey. They gave it their all” said Team owner and founder Ron Baron. “But it was absolutely necessary to up the level as we move to a much tougher racing schedule in our first season as Pro Continental team”.

The team has already announced the signing of 5 New riders, all top young Talents or veterans with Pro continental Pro Tour experience, in addition to a few successful riders from its 2016 season that will officially end next month with the Tour of Rwanda.

But the Czech 24 year old who won his teams first ever race in 2015, will now be the only original rider to make it. And no wonder, “We are extremely proud of Turek” said team manager Ran Margaliot. “From our very first days as a team, he showed his courage & aggressiveness, taking huge risks in breakaways when the odds were totally against him. In a way, Turek symbolizes our DNA. He races in the way we want our team to approach racing: To risk it all in a daring way, when finishing a race means nothing if you do not have the guts to go for the jugular. Turek exemplifies all that. Which is why he was rewarded with our trust to be part of our Pro Continental team.”

Turek’s style of being ultra aggressive earned him the nickname “Mr. Breakaway”. He earned his 2 wins for Cycling Academy in 2015 through breakaways, and although this season he was used more as a domestique to the team’s sprinters, he never abandoned his signature style. “I had a different role on the team this season, as I was more of a support guy, but I was happy to do it. I am very proud to be with this team from day 1 and to have the chance to continue with it to the next level” he said. “I am sure that I can keep progressing next year, although the challenges will be much more difficult. I am sure I can show that I belong”.

Best news of the week. I was getting a bit worried that he didn't fit in with this alleged "top name" team policy, but my fears have been allayed. Now we just need the other Dan to put pen to paper and then we're cooking with gas.

Not that out of the blue that Migdal, Malovec and Piaskowy are leaving. Gabay, the winner of Hets Hatsafon, is maybe more of a surprise.

Anyway if we assume that Mr. Craven re-signs as do the remaining five Israelis (Goldstein x 2, Hadari, Sagiv and Yechezkel). That will give a total of 15 riders to date. So probably still a few spots to fill - a couple from another X-Factor camp? a top name fast guy? Africans?
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