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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #270 on: June 24, 2017, 10:45 »

In view of what is happening in social media in recent days (does he read Velorooms!), I feel the need to voice my personal opinion in public. I wrote this letter to you to open a window beside that I think most of you do not know

Without going into details, one of the most challenging cases I had, is the decision to suspend the team last week Omer Goldstein. Omer, is one of the most talented riders in the group, one of the best ever grew up in Israel. There is no argument about it.

The choice to suspend the disciplinary background, was very painful and made only after we were convinced that he acted in a way that is acceptable professional team and we can not help him in the present circumstances.

Anyone who thinks that this was a decision born whim championship Israel against the clock, do not understand how professional team works. Even in matters of discipline there a way to conduct traitor steps and measures leading up to the suspension rides. Omar went through a long and complicated, which included, among other things, disciplinary committees, warnings and financial penalties, until we got to this unusual step.

This is not a decision that I am proud of her. This is a badge of shame for the team under management, took upon itself to give a chance to all Israeli talent a potential exhaust her and at this moment I do not know to help one of the greatest talents that grew here.

I think we all have a longer way to go and that the future will be in my hands better tools to handle such situations. Enough for me to look back a year or two to figure out how much progressed since then, some learned since. I believe we all undergo that people deserves a second chance if they wish it. We have proved this in the past and Omar gets a second chance if he chooses to be part of the group conditions required of its members.

So Ran is in firmly in the 3rd scenario group, but I think there must have been an element of the 1st too - something happened in the TT or in the days before and that was the straw that broke the camel's back.
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