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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #300 on: October 26, 2017, 08:52 »
*au Earle or Morton
Bingo: ;)

If they do re-sign all four riders who are still unconfirmed here or elsewhere (Boivin, Craven, Dempster, van Winden), that would make 24. If they don't, there are 1-4 spots still up for grabs. And if they let Craven or van Winden go, that opens up for a nationality (or two), throwing all our speculation into disarray.

Like you say, Dayer is virtually confirmed with #movistar:
They also signed Sergio Samitier, quite a promising youngster who also was in talks with Movistar (but ended up empty handed because Unzue had only one place left for either him or Dayer Quintana)

That leaves four. My choice would be Pauwels as a nice helper (and fellow countryman) for Hermans, but I'd be surprised if DD don't keep him on. Bol is good mates with Van Winden and he was out on rides with the team in Hainan. Morton does fit in somewhat with the team's previous ethos, but hasn't impressed me that much this year in Europe.
Bol could be an option, but I think he may want to stay at #manzana rather than move again after only one year. I could be horribly wrong, of course. Or maybe van Winden is learning Spanish from his buddy and goes to Colombia?!

Pauwels would be a coup, but I don't see #didata parting with him voluntarily. Morton is an idea, but only for races outside Europe - is it the relatively narrow roads (as in, only two lanes instead of 4-8) he can't adjust to?

Finally, there are the #icadt guys. They signed Guy Niv, maybe It(a)mar Einhorn gets a chance as well already - although it would be awfully early for him, really.
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