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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #300 on: November 02, 2017, 14:12 »
Using common sense provisos of form/illness/the course etc.

Who will definitely not ride the Giro?

Diaz, Omer Goldstein, Lemus, Niv, Perry, Schreurs, Turek and Williams.

Fairly obvious reasons of youth, inexperience, inconsistency and (let's be honest) lack of ability for a couple of them.
I wouldn't exclude Turek and Lemus out of hand:
Turek has been the breakaway specialist for the team, and breakaways will be an important part of their Giro.
And Lemus they've built up as the next Mexican GT participant for years ... yes, he hasn't performed all that great in 2017, but there's still time in early 2018 to turn that around. He's also great in regards to Social Media, and that's becoming ever more important. I'm not saying they will definitely pick him, but it's not totally impossible.[1]

I agree with the rest of your analysis. The new signings from the WT are obvious picks, Boivin & van Winden as well. Jensen & Enger are in the 'very likely, but not guaranteed' category for me. And as *il champion, Roy Goldstein is, as you say, in pole position for the 'local rider' spot.
 1. and, yes, there's personal sympathy playing in here, too; I really like the mexiCAN :shh
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