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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #360 on: February 20, 2018, 18:45 »

It was time for a frank reflection .

It is obvious a month into our breakthrough grand tour season , we seem to still having problems in kicking into gear.

What is missing ?

The results obviously not there, nor are our performance in critical moments overboard in most of the races so far.

We asked our sports director in Andalucia Oscar Guerrero to give us his views and he was direct and sincere as you can expect in this team.

“Is not easy to say. I think first, that maybe we are not in the shape that we thought we will be at the start of the season. We are not in a bad shape, far from it, but, in the real hard moments of the races, we are not strong enough .

Sometimes it just a matter of timing and luck. Here in Andalucia, for example, Ben Hermans wasn't 100% healthy, and in the hard moments, he needed to be 100%, because the finishes here were very steep.

I think also, that we need to be more AGGRESSIVE in the races. We Were not able to get to breakaways, and this is something we need to do even if we need to protect our leader.

But it’s only the start of the season and we need stay CALM . because the results will come.

I'm sure the exact same things were being said a year ago. Let's hope we don't have to wait till Azerbaidjan and Tro Bro Leon again for a turn around in fortunes.
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