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Re: The Academy of Cycling
« Reply #480 on: October 10, 2019, 18:28 »

More rumours about the new CT level reserve team.

That Academic is considering establishing a reserve group to compete in the third tier of the road bike world - Continental, to allow as many Israelis as possible to take part in competitive and professional races. These are two or three riders who will drop out of the adult group and a number of riders who will jump from the existing reserve group.

It should be noted that riders who remain in the World Tour (presumably Guy Sagiv and Guy Niv) may occasionally drop into the Continental Group and compete in smaller races to try and earn personal victories while advancing the young riders.

The Continental group, as it was academically until two years ago, will consist of about 12 riders and its cost is estimated at 750,000 euros. It will of course include a large portion of Israelis, but also other riders who will not find a place in the World Tour group that is forming after the reunification with Katusha.

Quite surprised at the first bolded bit. I was almost certain they would keep all of them (unless they decided to quit for whatever reason) and have Israelis as the most represented nationality, but maybe I was wrong. From a sporting viewpoint it makes sense as, let's be honest, they're not all of WT level (or even PCT!) and they'll find CT a more suitable level, but it's the look/feel of the thing.

The new UCI rules on feeder teams will help though. The second paragraph talks about riders being able to drop down to ride in .1 and .2s with the lower ranked team, but the opposite is also true and the youngsters will be able to compete in ProSeries and .1 races with the main team throughout the year, gaining valuable experience.

Can't see too much value in the second bolded bit unless it's a couple of guys who are willing to act as mentors to the youngsters.
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