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Re: The Start-Up Nation of Cycling
« Reply #510 on: December 15, 2019, 07:57 »
He'll also be at Rwanda and Utah. :D

As far as rules go, there aren't too many.

Quote from: DirectVelo
No age limit of the riders of the reserve team is indicated in the document of the International Cycling Union. However, it stipulates several obligations:

-The same administrative structure as the parent team.
-The same financial managers.
-The same main partner and similar jerseys.

The reserve team will also be on the anti-doping programme (ADAMS and bio-passport I presume).

The only limitations are the numbers of riders who can switch over for a particular race.

WT Team

ProSeries - 2 Devo riders
.1 - 4 Devo riders

Reserve Team

.1 - 2 WT riders
.2 - 1 WT rider

So potentially the "WT team" could race a .1 event with 1 WT rider and 4 devo riders and then the next week the "Reserve Team" could do a couple of .2 races with the exact same 5 riders. Not sure why you would need to do it, but it's a possibility.

One thing I'm wondering about is salary. You're a reserve team rider on a fairly basic wage, when you then race a week long event with the WT team will you get paid the WT minimum wage pro-rata for that week? Is that what happens with stagiaires? Fus?
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