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Re: The Start-Up Nation of Cycling
« Reply #630 on: March 23, 2021, 22:41 »
So Froome...

Not sure when we can start to officially call his ISUN tenure a disaster? 

One way to look at it, he is a professional rider and that deal seems like it is just the opposite of a disaster from a profesional perspective. if they paid a little bit more even I might consider getting back on the bike and make my best efforts for a cople of years. I just barely know how to pedal, but that is not the point - Froome is also better at negotiating a deal than I am, it appears. However, none of us know the terms and conditions,  so it is based on hearsay that he is so extremely well paid.

As I wrote in another thread on the forum I accidentally came across one of his houses or at least places where he use to stay, actually just a few weeks before the Dauphine disaster - and I would guess that even without payments from ISUN he could probably manage just fine while reskilling to something more useful than pro bike rider. Economy isn't the reason he keeps on doing what he is doing.

I think he does it because he likes riding a bike and loves to compete, and it seems like he is particularly fond of proving people that say he can't do this, can't do that wrong -  by adding the things he supposedly can't do to his list of skills the following year. The Finestre solo attack was just the last (so far) on the list of
things people including myself has been convinced he would never try, let alone succeed with it, when trying to do it.
I think he is really trying to get back as a top contender despite what he has been through, if for no other reason then because the lot of us here totally agree it's got to be damned impossible!

He doesn't have a chance  ;)

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