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Re: The Start-Up Nation of Cycling
« Reply #690 on: September 18, 2021, 19:00 »
quite a good article about Dan Martin's retirement in Irish press

“I went to my room and I thought, ‘okay, let’s have a think how much money I’d need to get, and what would be my ideal race programme?’ I came to the decision that it was irrelevant. And that was the turning point. [...]

“The intensity of the sport is just increasing with professionalism. And the demands are just getting higher and higher.” [...]

“It’s an incredibly professional environment now where every minute detail is controlled by the teams, obviously to optimise performance. It’s got to the extent that you’re told exactly how much food to eat, by weight, and also when to eat it and what to eat. And the training is all controlled too.

“It’s incredible where the sport has come from when I started racing. I look back at photos now, and you just see the difference, it is immense. But at the same time, for me personally, it’s lost a little bit of the attraction, in terms of the human side of it.

“With all the money involved in the sport now, all the sponsors are serious and the riders are even more serious. And that intensity, for me, is not sustainable anymore.” [...]

“The reason I wanted to go to the Giro was partly to try and win the stage that I was missing from my palmarès [results], but also just to try something different. But after completing the Giro, I realised that it wasn’t the same old races I was bored of, it was just cycling I was bored of.
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