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Re: The Start-Up Nation of Cycling
« Reply #690 on: September 25, 2021, 16:30 »
Not much representation in the U23 race tomorrow.

 #teamau Mackellar
 #teamfr Renard - could be in with a outside chance

The one Israeli rep isn't part of ICA (yet?). It's Roi Weinberg. He has been riding some non-UCI races in Belgium the past couple of months and has got some top-5/10 results.

Renard was the best of those three in 19th position. The other two both finished, but with such a large proportion of the field doing the same, that isn't much to write home about.

Just ahead of Renard was Strong. Does that make his signing an improvement of the squad? :P


In the Junior RR none of the Israelis finished. After such a chaotic start it wasn't too surprising.

Kessler finished in the main group of favourites which ended up contesting the bronze medal.


Representation in the Elite RR? Presuming the start list is confirmed...

 #teamit De Marchi
 #teamdk MWS
 #teamca Boivin
 #teamee Vahtra
 #teamlv Neilands

I think that's it. A top-twenty for Neilands is probably the best possible outcome. Others have no chance or will be working for others.
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