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Re: The Premier Tech of Cycling
« Reply #750 on: August 30, 2022, 20:12 »

Kessler interview. Very focused and seems to have an old head on his young shoulders.

What's your advice for someone a few years younger than you?

“My most generic advice would be to not give up. One thing I did not know then that I know now is to try your best at networking. The more people you know in this sport, the better it is for you. This can help get on teams because, often as an American, it can be hard to make it onto a professional team.”

“If you know people who were former professionals in America and get contacts for them because many of them are now team directors. You have to become a more social person if you’re not already. And it can help knowing people because, for example, if you have a bad season, and teams only know you at a surface level, they might not realize what you’re capable of doing. If you know someone, you can share with them your power profiles and share your thoughts on the season. So networking is really important for launching your career and its longevity.”
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