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Re: 2016-18 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« Reply #30 on: February 01, 2016, 01:54 »
Damn Damn Damn  :angry  :angry  :angry

I have occasionally had problems with the spreadsheet on these before, whereby some of the cell formulae to transfer numbers from another page retain the formula, but return a blank.  Strangely, I have usually been able to overcome it in the past by adding empty pages and hide them (I'm using Open Office, saving in .XLS format).

But now it won't let me use that workaround, so my hopes to put up the frequency of picks data tonight is thwarted, and my confidence for it returning scores properly is wobbly at best.

Here is the offending spreadsheet in dropbox if anyone can help.

Hey AC,

I've just had a look and the formula you're using is trying to find info in the wrong column.

You can either change this




in every relevant box (which is probably very time consuming). Or you can go to the Popularity table and delete one of the empty columns between the riders' names and their popularity score (H for example). This definitely works as I've just done it but I'm not sure if it might also knock out some of the other formulas.

Hope that helps.
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