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Specialized reveals a new chapter in his book of aerodynamics. With the start of the Tour de France 2012, we released our second collaboration with McLaren: S-Works helmet + McLaren TT.

In the attached images pueder a wide gallery of photos and a video from 3:45 on collaboration between Specialized and McLaren

Specialized is about to unveil a new chapter in our book of aerodynamics.

The S-Works helmet + TT McLaren is our second collaboration with McLaren. This helmet is the helmet cycling aerodynamic fastest in the world. It is the result of an investment in hours of wind tunnel, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, and field testing record. With this project, we have our ability to measure and fine-tune the aerodynamics to a new level. This is not interaction: a step forward in how we will face in the future aerodynamics.

When we designed the Venge, we invest a significant amount in development in the wind tunnel. The results were spectacular victories, since the victory of his debut in the Milan-San Remo, the recent victory in Gent Wevelgem Boonen. Compared with the Venge, S-Works helmet + TT McLaren had more than twice the development time in the wind tunnel. Through collaboration with McLaren, we have adopted new and better ways of interpreting the data obtained in tunnel and CFD. Together, we were able to apply knowledge and experience won the F1 aerodynamics to the specific needs of professional cycling with the aim of making the fastest runners reducing one of their biggest obstacles: the air.

This helmet will make its world debut at the highest level of professional cycling. On June 30, in the prologue of the Tour de France, the old S-Works + TT McLaren made his debut in the Pro Tour at the hands of the corridors of Omega-Pharma QuickStep, Levi Leipheimer, and the TT World Champion Tony Martin.

For those riders seeking the ultimate in aerodynamics, this helmet will be available in very limited quantities in early 2013, through selected Specialized Dealers. But as the McLaren F1 racing cars, which benefit from steady aerodynamic improvements, the release of this helmet is not the end of this project. This is just the beginning.

1. Reducing resistance profile.
Carved in the wind tunnel, refined by Computational Fluid Dynamics. Nothing is faster.

2. Dual density foam
Our dual density foam allows ultra thin profile, creating a more aerodynamic frontal area, without compromising security.

3. Gill & Ventilation Exhaust Port
This patent pending system works together to reduce drag and increase ventilation.

Gill ventilation computational fluid dynamics

DCF designed by McLaren, gill ventilation rate and the exhaust port work together to carry the current of air from the side of the hull to the tail - reducing drag and improving ventilation.

Wind tunnel research: Do not assume anything, try all

Develop and validate the most aerodynamic cycling helmet ever made it took many hours of wind tunnel and a completely new process. A new model designed by Specialized and a new testing system led over sixty prototype models for eight days of testing in the wind tunnel. Optimizing the performance of the hull on multiple heads and angles, the final shape provides high-speed free of resistance to each rider and in all possible wind conditions.

Faster in each position of head

Compared with a dummy discovered, the best aero helmets decrease the strength of the assembly but almost none performs well if not at their best. The S-Works + TT McLaren presents a resistance profile nearly identical regardless of the position of the head or crosswind ensuring the least resistance to the rider in any position or condition.

As shown in the figure, the old S-Works + McLaren TT is faster in every condition tested, and unlike others there are only a small difference between the hull in its optimal position (flat), and its position above the rear . Compared with other aerodynamic helmets, there is nothing that comes close.

The S-Works helmet McLaren TT is the most aerodynamic cycling helmet ever designed: in every wind condition and each rider's position.

Gill ventilation: less resistance, more current

Normally, when added to a helmet vents, increases drag. In the case of ventilation gill type, carrying the air through the sides to the exhaust port, reduces strength. This graph shows the effects tested by covering the ventilation and exhaust. As the data, to cover in both cases, the aerodynamic resistance increases.

Since its debut race in the Prologue of the Tour de France 2012, his future appearances in the starting line of the Trial World Championship, and the bike leg of Ironman Kona, the S-Works + McLaren TT will be made test in world cycling competitions at the highest level.

In early 2013, a very limited amount of S-Works + McLaren TT will be available through selected distributors in Europe and Specialized UK.

Mark Cote, aerodynamics technical GT

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  • Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014


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    Gerard Vroomen's  thoughts on a new design!


    Trek has unveiled a new Madone that saves 2min per hour, so that’s around 3 hours saved over the entire Tour. I know Frank Schleck says he’s not a contender, but that’s a nice buffer I would think. So my final prediction is Frank Schleck as the winner of the 2012 Tour, with a 2 hour advantage over the rest of the field.

    it is all to designed to sell, not shave minutes and make you faster.
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  • "ahaha, ever had the feeling you been cheated?" JL SF Jan'78

    pedaling squares

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    So, not only have Giro been spinning us sh*t for the last 20 years, but they've been making us work harder and ride slower!! The bastards!!!

    ... or alternatively, they're spinning us sh*t now ...? The bastards!!!

    ... or maybe, they always spin us sh*t ...? The utter, utter bastards!!!!

    I for one don't miss that old Vetta (although it was a good lid for it's day) and having just cycled home in 40 degree temperatures into 30-40km/h winds, with 50+km/h gusts I will take a lot of convincing to swap away from my well vented Garneau Quartz ...

    The bastards!

    The last time I was in the NCR with 40 degree heat, the humidity was mind-blowing. Just ridiculous. Hope you're not having it that bad, it'd be like cycling in a steam bath.
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  • "Well don't run with the riders, you twit."


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