Study into how elite sport promotes athlete abuse
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Like a lot of countries and sports, NZ's had some dirty laundry brought to the surface recently about the way that coaches and sporting bodies treat athletes.

It came to a head with allegations (which I think have been proven) against the NZ track cycling coach - physical abuse of male and female cyclists, sexual pressure on female cyclists ... all that usual "good fun stuff" ... (And no, I don't think that sort of sh*t behaviour is "fun"!)

As a result, a top sports lawyer was commissioned to write a report on causes, impacts etc.

That report was published today.

To my knowledge, it is the first major report that looks at the impact of national body, administrator, manager and coach behaviour on athletes. I haven't read the report (only saw that it was published when I woke this morning ...), but the summaries all point to athletes suffering badly from being viewed as an expendable commodity that generates revenue/funding for the system - and from generally poor leadership skills in the whole of the management structure.

As someone who has long held that the current anti-doping model fails badly for focusing over 90% of its attention on the athlete - instead of the system that generates and holds the athletes - this is interesting.

For anyone interested in reading more ....

Here's a link to a newpaper summary

And here's the link to the main report (URL at bottom of the media release details)
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